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t. 020 7882 8043

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Welcome to the virtual home of Sports and Societies at QMSU. This section of the website should help to give you information about the various activities that you can get involved with as a student at Queen Mary, University of London; suitable for new students, current students and student group officers.

As well as Volunteering and Fundraising (dealt with elsewhere on this website), you are welcome to join one of the many student groups that we currently run. We have a wide selection of Sports Clubs and Societies from ABACUS (Association of British and Chinese University Students) to Wu Shu Kwan - we don’t have a Z… yet!

Our student groups offer you an opportunity to meet like-minded people; to socialise, learn a skill or to get fit. With a number of our Sports Clubs there is also the opportunity to play competitive (and sometimes not-so-competitive!) sport in local and national competitions. For a complete list of the groups that we run, along with a brief description and a principle contact, use the link on the left.

Any student at QMUL can join the Mile End student groups. If you are a student within the School of Medicine and Dentistry, you are also able to join the Whitechapel student groups.

Throughout the year you can join a student group, by simply clicking through to the requisite Club or Society on this site, or coming in to our actual home in either the Blomeley Centre in the Student Village, Westfield Way or the Barts and the London Student Association in Whitechapel. You will also be able to sign up at Qmotion Reception.

At the start of the year (Wednesday 23rd September and Thursday 24th September), and again after Christmas (date tbc) we will organise Freshers and Re-Freshers Fairs to showcase all of our groups. Keep an eye out on this site for more information.

Can’t find the student group you’re looking for? If you’ve checked the list of Clubs and Societies and can’t find one that interests you, then you may be able to set up your own group. You are welcome to as long as:

  • You have the support of 20 people who want the new group
  • It does not contravene any of the current QMSU aims and objectives
  • It is noticeably different from any existing group
  • The new group is approved by the Student Activity Committee (for Mile End Groups) or General Committee Meetings (for Whitechapel Groups). To do this, contact one of us

Because Queen Mary is a college of the University of London, you are in a unique situation. All students of QMUL are automatically members of the University of London Union (ULU). ULU complements the Clubs and Societies of QMSU by offering student groups with membership open to others right across London; mainly sports clubs, but some societies too. This means that some slightly more obscure groups can be offered! For example, ULU has a Rifle Club, a Lacrosse Club, and an Ice Hockey Club. For more information on ULU student groups, click here

Meet the Team

VP Student Activities
Dominic Bell

 Dom is the Sabbatical Officer responsible for Student Activities across QMSU, though mainly concentrating on Mile End Student Groups. He should be the first port of call for queries regarding new student groups, policy, strategy or any issues.


Dominic says – Join a sports club or society. It will completely change your experience of university. Joining the Boat Club was definitely the best decision I made as a student at Queen Mary. You will make so many new friends and have a great time.

Email: vpactivities@qmsu.org
Phone: 02078828403
Sports and Societies Manager
Toby Emmerson

Toby is a full time member of staff who has responsibility for the administration, management and development of Clubs and Societies across QMSU, both at Mile End and Whitechapel. He has 10 years of experience of working with Sports and Societies at Universities.

Toby says - I play hockey for Wimbledon and occasionally the odd game of squash. When my dodgy back and old age allow, you may see me sweating away in Qmotion. I have an eclectic taste in music, but still doesn’t understand why everyone suddenly likes 80s music again.

Email: toby.emmerson@qmsu.org
Phone: 02078828451
Mobile: 07506648888
Sports Officer, QMSU
Anastasia Nicholl

I have always believed that adding a sporting element to your time at University is one of the best things you can do. Not only is it a great way to improve your health, but by joining a sports club you open your social life up to a whole variety of likeminded people, both at Queen Mary and at other universities. As an active member of the Queen Mary Hockey Club, my time here has been peppered with victories and losses, mixed games, tours, Hail Marys and Merger Cup shenanigans. So far it has been the best two years of my life and I look forward to helping everyone make the most of this sporting year.

In the words of John Wooden, 'Sports do not build character. They reveal it.' So join a club today!

Societies Officer, QMSU
Ayuash Kumar

Ayuash is still studying at QM and while doing this has joint responsibility along with Dom for societies at Mile End. He helps to shape strategy while also being a ’voice on the ground’.

Ayuash says - I'm currently in my second year studying aerospace (or rocket science as I call it ). In my spare time I love playing sports with football, cricket and squash being my favourites. I also love working out at the good old Qmotion gym, which has recently become my second home! Even though I've only spent one year at QM I love the uni to bits and miss it when I'm not here. It is therefore a privelage for me to go on as societies officer and make QM even better!

Clubs and Societies Officer, BLSA
George Ryan

George Ryan


Q. How do I join a club or society?
A. There are a variety of ways you can pay your subs to join a student group. Firstly; you can pay directly online through this website. You can also pay at the reception desk of BLSA , the Infopoint at the Blomeley Centre, or QMotion Reception (to be confirmed).
Q. What does my membership fee go towards?
A. Although QMSU funds clubs and societies, Membership fees / Subscriptions / Subs help to complement the grant allocation. Subs money also contributes to activities that QMSU is NOT ALLOWED to fund (ie Socials, Charity, items for individuals)
Q. How long does my membership last?
A. Membership lasts from 1st August until 31st July. There is no reduction in membership (unless directly specified) if you join up late.
Q. Can I get a refund on my membership?
A. Once you have decided which student group you are going to join and have paid, there are no refunds. In exceptional circumstances, please apply in writing to Vraj.
Q. Is there a limit to the number of Student Groups I can join?
A.  No. You can join as many as you like. However, we advise you to speak to the relevant Club Captains / Presidents before joining. Also, when joining sports clubs, remember that these may have fixtures/training on the same day.
Q. I am not a student at QMUL, can I still join a club or society?
A.  Membership of QM student groups is limited to students, staff and alumni of QMUL. Membership of BLSA student groups is limited to students, staff and alumni of the School of Medicine and Dentistry. *The only exception to this is Martial Arts groups whose membership of their Governing Body requires a reciprocal agreement.
Q. How do I book space for my Student Group?
A. The process is different depending on where you want the room.
•    If you require a room on Mile End campus, you should contact room bookings in the Queens Building.
•    If you require a space in one of QMSU’s commercial outlets (bars/cafes), you should contact Vraj for Mile End or Matt Holmes / Tanya Choudhury for BLSA.
•    If you require space in QMotion, you should contact Toby
Q. How do I organise something in Library Square or outdoors on Campus?
A. In order to organise an event outdoor on campus, you MUST get permission from either Vraj or Toby first.
Q. How do I go about organising an event or ball?
A. You must fill out an Event Budget planner before committing to any aspects of  an event. Please arrange a meeting with Vraj, Toby or Matt to discuss your event and help you fill out the form. No funds will be released until a budget is submitted and approved. You will be held personally liable for any non-authorised costs.
Q. How do I purchase something for my student group?
A. You must speak to Toby, Vraj, Matt or Rd Davies before any purchases.

For the majority of expenses that are planned, you must get a Purchase Order (P.O.) completed. Please email your request to Vraj, Toby or Ed Davies. Once the P.O. has been sent to the company, they will invoice us.

If you require the goods urgently, we may be able to pay for them by credit card.

If you have not spoken to the team and order goods, you may be personally laible to pay any monies owed.
Q. How do I claim back money?
A. If you have incurred incidental expenses on behalf of your club, please complete an expenses form and bring it to Infopoint at the Blomeley Centre or reception at BLSA. The form must be signed by you President or Treasurer. You cannot authorise you own expenses.
Q. How do I pay in money?
A. Paying in money couldn’t be simpler. Please bring the money to either Infopoint in the Blomeley Centre or Reception at BLSA and fill in a paying in slip.
Q. Who can I speak to about Clubs and Societies?
A. In order to organise an event outdoor on campus, you MUST get permission from either Vraj or Toby first. There is a dedicated team of staff and students who are responsible for looking after Sports and Societies at QMSU (including BLSA). Find out who we are and how to contact us here.
Q. Does it cost anything to start a new club or society?
A. No, setting up a new club or society is free. However, if it becomes affiliated, the club or society won’t receive anything funding for their first year of existence. You must also charge a minimum membership fee of £5.
Q. Are there Scholarships available?
A. Unfortunately there are no scholarships available from QMSU. However, if you require funding for specific courses or qualifications, there are funds available from the University of London Union (ULU). We can help you apply for these and other funds that may be available in the local community.
Q. How can I get more involved?
A. You are able to run for positions on you Student Group Committee once a year at the AGM (this will be held around Easter time). There are also positions available within the Union (click here). Some are sabbatical (after you’ve finishes studying, or on a year out) and some are non-sabbatical (alongside your study) – these are voted for around February, with the positions starting in July/August.
Q. What is the Merger Cup?
A. The Merger Cup is a series of annual sporting fixtures played between Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry and the rest of its parent college, Queen Mary, University of London. The results of a number of matches, normally played on the same day, are combined to determine the overall winner. Among the sports played are rugby, football, hockey, rowing, tennis, badminton, netball, squash, and basketball. Find out more information here.

Colours and Honours

Colours and Honours is the annual celebration and awards ceremony for the Mile End membership services side of QMSU. It was reinvigorated two years ago and is held in Queen Mary’s very own Octogan. The date has yet to be set for 2010, but the event happens towards the end of Semester 2.

There are a number of individual awards given out for clubs and societies – they are as follows:

  • Society Honours – awarded for an individual that has worked above and beyond the call of duty throughout the year for their society
  • Club Colours - awarded for an individual that has worked above and beyond the call of duty throughout the year for their club
  • Half Colours – awarded for an outstanding player who has consistently represented the college in competition and has achieved at a high level
  • Full Colours – awarded for an outstanding player who has consistently represented the college in competition and has achieved at the highest level
  • Union Honours – awarded for an exceptional individual who has contributed significantly to the Union and or the life of Queen Mary students

Is there anyone in your Club or Society that you think deserves a nomination? If so, you can find the nomination form attached. Click here for nomination form



As well as the individual awards, a number of student group awards are made. The winners for the past two years are as follows:

Society of the year:

  • 2007/2008 Islamic Society
  • 2008/2009 Hindu Society

Sports Club of the year:

  • 2007/2008 Fencing Club
  • 2008/2009 Cheerleading Club

Best New Student Group:

  • 2007/2008 Fashion Society
  • 2008/2009 Punjabi Society

NB BLSA student groups are not recognised at Colours and Honours. BLSA celebrates the achievements of SMD students at Rites of Passage every summer.


Synergy is the new showcase for QMSU societies and individual performers. The inaugural Synergy was held on Thursday 5th March in the fantastic Indigo venue at the 02. It was a fantastic success with hundreds of QMSU students performing.  We are hoping to make this an annual event, keep an eye out on this page for further details.

Online Resources

This page should give you all the resources that you need to run your student group. If there are any other forms or downloads that you would like to see here, please let us know by contacting us.

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