A message from our Student Media Officer:

As Student Media Officer, I have dived into the world of communication and media outlets of QMUL. Every single outlet and member has shown great work ethic and teamwork, no wonder every piece of work is of outstanding quality.

It makes me proud to have been involved in every student media outlet bit by bit and experience all sorts of emotions from the final products, whether it be features, artworks, illustrations, articles or events.

All those who have been nominated for the awards were surely worth it and I couldn’t feel anything but inspired and in awe by every individual that was up for nomination. I want to thank all those that have participated in the nominations but an even bigger thank you to all that have participated in their outlets and have been active members over the past year. Every one of us keeps the communication and emotion going amongst Queen Mary students, helping us stay in touch with our inner selves and the real world. Whether it’s from listening to Quest podcasts and gigs, to enthusing with the artworks displayed in Peach magazine, I’m sure every single student at Queen Mary University has interacted with a student media outlet and will remember it as part of their student life here at QMUL.

I hope this legacy will continue and we will keep our creative outlets open and active, as well as ingenious, until the end of time!

Charlotte Moore
Student Media Officer

A message from the Students' Union President:

This year has been a truly exceptional year in the life of a student and the Student Media Outlets this year have proven themselves to be no less exceptional. I’m so glad I got more involved with Student Media this year as an Executive Officer. It has been really wonderful working with all of you and to see the fantastic work you have all put in. This can be seen in some of the very well written nominations we received and narrowing down the list was quite difficult. You should all be proud of what you have achieved this year. I’ve seen some amazing turn around in Student Media Outlets this year and a lot of you have pushed yourselves to provide some great features and events!

Whatever you decide to do in the future, I have no doubts it will be great if you continue to put this much effort into pursuing your passions. Best of luck to the future and congratulations to all of you regardless of if you won an award or not, you should be proud of yourselves!

Talhah Atcha

Outlet of the Year

This will be awarded to a Student Media outlet that has provided a wide range of opportunities for members to gain media skills & experience, built a strong sense of community within their outlet & has regularly informed and entertained the Queen Mary community to a high standard. The outlet will also have organised a high number of events & activities to improve the member experience.

  • The Print
  • CUB
  • PEACH Magazine
  • Quest Radio
  • The Dental Mirror

Winner: CUB Magazine

Throughout the year, CUB magazine has consistently provided excellent content, both online and in the print editions, from a wide range of authors on a variety of cultural topics. They have improved engagement, quality of content, organisation, and created a strong community for writers of the magazine. This has been highlighted by their consistent presence on social media, organisation of monthly events for writers to meet each other; innovating the website design, and most importantly amassing over 100 clicks on multiple articles per week.

The massive list of sections means there's enough varied content each week for me to always read something new and thought-provoking.

CUB works night and day to provide high quality articles online and in print form. They push their writers to be the very best and provide social events catered to each section. They receive over 600 hits per week on articles as well as 200 hits a week on Instagram

Most Improved Outlet

This will be awarded to the Student Media outlet that has improved on the previous year through its coverage and being innovative to transform the experience of their members, and the wider student body.

  • Peach
  • The Print
  • CUB Magazine
  • Quest Radio
  • Circadian

Winner: PEACH Magazine

PEACH magazine has greatly grown its membership, and successfully revitalised their presence on campus. This year, PEACH has produced multiple print runs, launched a new blog, ran several open mics and creative workshops. They had two open mic nights, an additional poetry reading night for the launch of the first issue and monthly writing workshops. PEACH increased its online presence. For the first time, PEACH launched an online blog where all the previous issues, upcoming events, photos from previous events and other works of the members can be found. Social media use increased as well. In a year PEACH Instagram account gained nearly 100 more followers. PEACH has also frequently collaborated with liberation campaigns.

Contributor of the Year

This will be awarded to an individual who has gone above and beyond in their role for their Student Media Outlet, and made a particularly outstanding contribution to Student Media throughout the academic year. This person should stand out from the crowd in their commitment to their Student Media outlet and in the quality of their Student Media contributions. They should be someone who brings their contributions to life through creativity & originality.

  • Katie Bevan
  • Bronte Carvalho
  • Vinny Sandhu
  • Sara Omar
  • Aysel Dilara Kasap
  • Demi Whitnell
  • Bethany Hamilton
  • Megan Samrai
  • Sophia Antoniou
  • Ruby Punt
  • Sawdah Bhaimiya
  • Eve Bolton
  • Saywah Mahmood

Winner: Katie Bevan

Katie has been a part of Quest since first year, and helped relaunch the station. In 2019/20, Katie was the station’s ‘Executive Producer’, helping with student training, liaising with artists/record labels, being responsible for Quest re-joining the Student Radio Association (SRA). She has taught new students how to use editing software, as well as teaching interviewing techniques. Katie worked with QMSU to allow Quest to host the SRA National Music Training Day for the first time, touring both the SRA Music Officer and Regional Officer around campus to ensure that all spaces were appropriate. As well as hosting ‘Freedom Friday’, one of the new produced shows airing in QMSU Outlets, she has contributed high-profile interviews in a first for the station; her interview with Queen frontman Adam Lambert gained over 1000 streams on Soundcloud in the first 24 hours. Most recently she organised and co-presented Quest’s interview with The Pussycat Dolls, which then aired on the SRA Chart across all student stations in the UK. Katie was also nominated for ‘Best Female’ at the Student Radio Awards - sponsored by Global and BBC Radio 1.

Feature of the Year

This will be awarded to an individual or group of individuals who have written or produced a particularly notable piece of content in any media format. It should be a feature that is brought to life with colour, creativity and originality to produce an entertaining or compelling feature.

  • Krishna Sruthi Vydyula
  • Vinny Sandhu
  • Sara Omar
  • Milton Justinsuthakaran
  • Katie Bevan
  • Riddhima Banerji

Winner: Krishna Sruthi Vydyula

Sruthi dedicated a lot of time and research into writing her piece on Knife Crime, ""Cutting Deep"". As part of her research she spoke to a number of different sources, including Streetdoctors, the knife reduction charity Khulisa, the Barts NHS Trust Knife Reduction Team and the Osmani Trust. Her feature was the cover story for the second issue of Circadian, and it's clear that students were similarly interested with the piece reaching 94 online reads in addition to the 400 physical copies that were distributed.

Online Award

This will be awarded to the outlet that fills their website with clever, innovative and/or creative content that makes the most of the medium to showcase media, tell stories and build an audience. The winning website will have high-quality features/articles, a strong voice and distinctive and easy to use design. The website will have increased its audience & readership throughout the year through innovating marketing & communications.

  • The Print
  • Cub Magazine
  • PEACH Magazine

Winner: The Print

The Print has, in line with the current executive officers’ commitment to sustainability, moved fully online and utilised online advertising to greatly increase readership. This allowed The Print to cover events in real time. The Print's podcast has also created episodes in line with the QMSU liberation months and now have a dedicated podcast editor to ensure high quality podcast are produced.

Event of the Year

This will be awarded to the society who have overcome the challenges of being a small society and achieved their objectives and targets set out in their development plans and held regular, well-organised events and activities throughout the year. Societies nominated for this award must have 50 members of less.

  • Quest Radio for National Music Training Day
  • Quest Radio for A Night Called Quest
  • CUB Magazine for Christmas Print Party

Winner: Quest Radio for National Music Training Day

The morning featured a Networking Fayre giving Quest Radio members (as well as students from other UK stations) the chance to meet representatives from all of the nation’s major record labels – everyone from Columbia (Sony) to Virgin EMI was present. This gave our members the opportunity to talk about potential careers within these companies, as well as being able to exchange contacts to arrange artist interviews or to receive exclusive music content. The afternoon session included two talks: one from PRS and PPL about licensing, and then a Playlist Meeting with producers from BBC Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra. These lectures allowed attendees to learn about the industry directly from experts, as well as networking with Heads of Music from other student radio stations. It was an exciting and insightful day for the Quest community, bringing our outlet members together with professionals in a way which we have never done before!

The organisers were also conscious about accessibility when planning the event and ensured that all attendees were notified of step-free access in advance via email and the event was free to attend

Best Broadcast

This will be awarded to an individual or group that have produced an engaging piece in either TV or radio format. This must be an innovative and thought provoking piece of journalism.

  • Katie Bevan for Adam Lambert
  • Demi Whitnell for Soft Limits

Winner: Katie Bevan for Adam Lamber

Katie Bevan’s interview with Adam Lambert was a notable feature for many reasons; it garnered widespread attention online (from Adam Lambert fans to UK radio stations!) with over 1000 streams on Soundcloud within the first 24 hours, it was the most high-profile interview that Quest Radio has had to date, and it was aired on the SRA Chart Show, meaning that it was played on all student radio stations in the UK. The interview was entirely arranged, written and presented by Katie, taking place at the famous

Wisebuddah Studios in Central London as part of Adam Lambert’s UK press day – it was a huge achievement for Quest to be on the bill after renowned national stations such as Heart.