Student Media Awards

Student Media Awards categories:

This will be awarded to a Student Media outlet that has provided a wide range of opportunities for members to gain media skills & experience, built a strong sense of community within their outlet & has regularly informed and entertained the Queen Mary community to a high standard. The outlet will also have organised a high number of events & activities to improve the member experience.

This will be awarded to the Student Media outlet that has improved on the previous year through its coverage and being innovative to transform the experience of their members, and the wider student body.

This will be awarded to an individual who has gone above and beyond in their role for their Student Media Outlet, and made a particularly outstanding contribution to Student Media throughout the academic year. This person should stand out from the crowd in their commitment to their Student Media outlet and in the quality of their Student Media contributions. They should be someone who brings their contributions to life through creativity & originality.

This will be awarded to an individual or group of individuals who have written or produced a particularly notable piece of content in any media format. It should be a feature that is brought to life with colour, creativity and originality to produce an entertaining or compelling feature.

This will be awarded to the outlet that fills their website with clever, innovative and/or creative content that makes the most of the medium to showcase media, tell stories and build an audience. The winning website will have high-quality features/articles, a strong voice and distinctive and easy to use design. The website will have increased its audience & readership throughout the year through innovating marketing & communications.

This will be awarded to the society who have overcome the challenges of being a small society and achieved their objectives and targets set out in their development plans and held regular, well-organised events and activities throughout the year. Societies nominated for this award must have 50 members of less.

This will be awarded to an individual or group that have produced an engaging piece in either TV or radio format. This must be an innovative and thought provoking piece of journalism.