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The QMSU Club Sport membership system aims to create a sustainable support structure, aiding the growth and development of clubs and teams within the QMSU Club Sport programme.

Each student wishing to join a QMSU Club Sport team is required to purchase an annual QMSU Club Sport Membership as a prerequisite for joining a club.

QMUL students are only required to purchase the Club Sport membership once per academic year, this covers all QMUL clubs that students may join. The membership has to be purchased before purchasing your chosen clubs subscription/membership.

Teams and clubs will be able to apply for additional funding to support fundamental areas of growth and associated essential running costs that previously Club Sport has not been able to provide. There will be two rounds of applications per year, one in December and one in May. Details on these applications and the criteria will be sent to club committees via email.

When purchasing your membership for your club, it clearly states which tier of ‘Club Sport Membership’ you require. If you have any doubt, please contact your club president/captain for advice on which one to purchase.

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