Improving Your Education

Read more about how the Union works throughout the year to improve the quality of your education

Student Experience Survey 2016-17 - Learning Resources

Each year the Students’ Union conducts research into a key education-related topic and presents our findings to the University and recommends improvements. This year students have chosen learning resources as the subject.

Are You Getting Enough?

Are all your lectures recorded on QReview?

Are there study packs available for your course (if not,   do you spend on text books and then only use one chapter)?

 Are your core texts available in the library or as e-books (if not, how much do you have to spend)?

Do you have easy access to any specialist software needed for your course?

Tell us about your experience and opinions about the learning resources available for your course:

You can take the survey here

Survey closes Friday 10th February 2017


About our work

The Union works throughout the year to improve the quality of your education.

This area of the Union's work is conducted by the Education Zone, led by the Vice President Education, supported by fifteen Education Representatives and the Education Representation & Policy Coordinator Co-ordinator, a full-time Union staff member.

Course Reps are key part of our education work, representing you to the staff in your department through the Staff Student Liaison Committees (SSLCs) and giving the Zone vital information about what students think across Queen Mary. 







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