Candidate Information

Election candidates can find all the information they need from this webpage. Including the Candidate Handbook, campaigning tips, rulings made by the Deputy Returning Officer and the Returning Officer, and how to submit a complaint.

Candidate Handbook

Click on the link below to download the candidate handbook. The handbook outlines everything you need to know about being a candidate in the Students' Union elections.



Click on the link below to download the endorsements guidance where it outlines the process groups must follow during the Students' Union Elections.

Student groups guidance


The Deputy Returning Officer and Returning Officer will make a number of rulings during the election period. Please see below to view the rulings as they are made:

Candidate Expenditure

You must list everything you have used in campaigning on the Candidate Expenditure form including any receipts for new items you've bought. Click on the link below to download the form.

On the reverse is the Minimum Value List, which will help you identify the costs of items you use in the campaign you already own.

Completed forms must be handed into the Students' Union Hub on the Mile End campus or scanned and emailed to su-elections@qmul.ac.uk at least one hour before the close of voting with receipts for items not found in the Minimum Value List.



To make an election complaint you need to download, complete and email an Election Complaint Form to su-elections@qmul.ac.uk. Click on the link below to download the form.