Electronic Engineering & Computer Science Representative

The School of Electronic Engineering & Computer Sciences Representative shall seek feedback from and represent students in the school. They are also responsible for chairing the Electronic Engineering & Computer Sciences forum for course representatives and supporting the Vice President Science & Engineering. They are also responsible for encouraging students in the school to participate and engage with the Students’ Union.

Role Description

The Candidates

Saba Sadek

Hi, it's Saba, first-year EE student. As a course-rep, I've realised there are few gaps in our school that need to be fixed. I'm an organised and determined person who is really passionate about our university so let's work all together to fix these gaps and improve our university experience!

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Zeyneb Taibi

My experience as course representative provided various skills but most importantly enhanced student experiences at university. Positions as Faculty Representative provides the opportunity to prove we can make a difference. I am passionate and endeavour to ensure all students voices are heard; ultimately making university a positive experience for all.

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Shazib Ameer

EECS is an underrepresented school throughout the Queen Mary. Not-many students are willing to take part in competitions and societies. As a motivated EECS student I will listen to and represent the students views. I have identified issues within the school which I will be raising with the relevant bodies.

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Devanshu Goyal

As part of EECS school, I will be intrigued to nominate myself as a representative for the EECS school. I would strive to be supportive, responsible and dedicated towards my duty and help the fellow students throughout their term-time. Being supportive and active throughout my role will be my priority.

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