Candidate for the position of Commercial Services Officer

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Joe Vinson

Go with Joe!
Re-elect Joe Vinson #1 for QMSU Commercial Services Officer

About Me
2018 - Present: QMSU Commercial Services Officer
2016 – Present: Law Student & QMSU Student Staff
2013 – 2015: NUS Vice President
2011 - 2013: President, Cornwall College SU

As your Commercial Services Officer I have already: removed the minimum card spend in all
cafes and bars; expanded the drinks range in Drapers and The Griff; added themes to club
nights; overseen improvements to Ground, the Village Shop and Union Shop; given student
staff a voice in their workplace; introduced better food deals; made our venues safer - and
loads more!

Like my record & want your union’s services to get even better?
> Re-elect Joe Vinson #1 for QMSU Commercial Services Officer.

My Five Pledges

Implementing Your Ideas
Our commercial services should be designed by students for students. Re-elect me and I’ll
launch a student suggestion scheme across all of our outlets so you’ve got a bigger say over
your union. On top of that I will implement the changes you want to see from this year’s ‘big
change survey’ as well as reducing wait times in Ground, working better with societies in
Drapers and The Griff, redesigning club nights with better music and drinks deals, and
making the Learning Café better value for money.

Going Green
Offering paper straws and recyclable cups just isn’t enough. Re-elect me and I will extend
the discount provided for using your own cup for hot drinks to all outlets. I’ll also introduce
recycling facilities in every cafe, Drapers and The Griff. Plus, I’ll expand the use of the ‘too
good to go’ app, providing discounted prices on products that would otherwise be thrown

Introducing A Campus-Wide Loyalty Scheme
The more money that our commercial services make, the more money QMSU has to spend
on the activities and programmes that matter to you. That’s why if you re-elect me I’ll
introduce a campus-wide student loyalty scheme, giving you access to better discounts on
campus and boosting QMSU’s spending power – a win-win for everyone!

Getting More For Your Money
This year I’ve worked hard to keep prices down and introduce new offers in our shops and
bars. Re-elect me and I’ll continue to ensure your money goes as far as possible by
introducing new drinks deals in ours bars, new meal deals in our cafés, new offers in our
shops and new hot food deals in Drapers and the Griff. Plus - I’ll campaign to keep club night
entry prices low, with at least one free night a week.

Making QMSU An Even Better Place To Work
QMSU is a great place to work - but it could be even better. Re-elect me and I will change
the pay calendar to reduce the amount of time it takes to be paid from up to six weeks to a
maximum of four weeks. I will also protect the living wage for student staff, introduce a
QMSU student recruitment fair and continue to make sure our staff teams better reflect the
diversity of our campuses.