Candidate for the position of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Representative

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Krista Tingbranda


We need more communication between the staff and you, the students. Sometimes it is
tough to get hold of your favourite lecturer or tutor and it might leave you in a bit of panic.
Therefore, I call for improving the communication - implementation of additional e-mail
response hours in addition to office hours for those who have their schedule riddled with
competencies we cannot evade!

Second: MORE INTERCONNECTEDNESS (for those in dual degree programmes)
Sometimes departments tend to suffer from lack of communication and it can make our
lives rather hard. This can make some of us confused where to turn and how to resolve
some issues we perceive vital. Thus, I call upon the need to connect the staff and students
in different departments much more closely than now!

Third: MORE RESOURCES (more advisory exercises)
We can get bored from reading lengthy texts which might seem repetitive. Sometimes we
realise we do not have enough resources to support our studies. Therefore, I call on all
departments to implement the need of at least two sets of exercise questions for those
who want to train their skills more and to provide other type of resources than just pages
upon pages of reading!

Fourth: UNIFIED GUIDANCE (for your coursework)
I have seen many schools suffer from the lack of unified guidance - one professor says
your essay should be formatted so, while another tutor expects something else. This
halters the ability for us to work with our peers to produce the best coursework material
we could! Therefore, I call upon all departments to introduce unified guidance and
expectations in each and every module across all tutors!

Fifth: MORE CONTACT HOURS (actively campaigning for 2 hour lectures and
tutorials/seminars instead of one)
Other universities in London extend their lectures and tutorials beyond an hour, allowing
their students to take up less independent work and therefore increase contact hours
between the student and the staff. Therefore, I call upon minimising our independent
work and increasing active contact hours!

Sixth: TUTORIAL EXERCISE ANSWERS (even the littlest would help)
Sometimes you miss a tutorial because you are ill or just cannot get out of bed, but you
do not have any guidance on the tutorial questions you had answered. Sometimes the
tutorial is too fast paced for you to note the responses down to compare yours! Therefore,
I call for compulsory upload of tutorial question answers in order to guide us in the right
direction - even the smallest bit would help!