Candidate for the position of Welfare Officer (BL)

Image for Alice Scholfield

Alice Scholfield



  • Introduce accessibility training to the big hello and societies training
  • Lobby the university to provide step-free access in key buildings
  • Campaign for allocated ‘quiet times’ in union buildings to support individuals with sensory processing disorders

Consent and safety:

  • Add consent training to the club sport big hello
  • Create a union wide ‘home safe’ campaign
  • Utilise report and support to empower victims of hate crime and sexual violence

Mental Health:

  • Lobby university to provide out of hours counselling
  • Introduce ‘self care packs’ to the BLSA building


  • Set up a transfer student focus group to improve induction and halls allocation
  • Develop a support pack for low income students
  • Utilise the BME network to consult students on welfare issues, ensuring campaigns are intersectional
  • Protect Friday Prayer times in all learning environments


  • Establish a resitters network
  • Review fit to sit and the appeals process with the aim to make the process more transparent
  • Continue to campaign for more support for students on outfirms.