Candidate for the position of LGBT+ Representative (Mile End)

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Jedd Higgins

Jedd Higgins for Mile End LGBT+ Rep: Manifesto


LGBT History Month - Make LGBT+ History month even bigger, collaborating with BL LGBT+ Society and the Whitechapel LGBT+ Rep, for an entire month of events across both campuses.


Inclusive customer service on campus – Work with QMSU outlets to provide training for staff who sell age restricted goods, to ensure they provide appropriate customer service to trans students whose ID picture may not match their current presentation.


Visibility days – Ensure that visibility days such as Trans Day of Visibility are included on the QMSU calendar, and celebrated with library square events, and a relevant flag flown on the university flag pole. I would also like to circulate information on the importance and history of each day through QMSU channels.


Reporting – Work towards creating a framework where homophobic and transphobic incidents, however minor they may feel, can be reported, this includes things like homophobic/transphobic jokes in course group chats, and casual homophobia in hazing.


Normalising the sharing of pronouns – In recent years, some QMUL staff (both academic and non-academic) have begun listing their pronouns in their email signature, I would like to encourage the spread of this, to make trans students and staff more comfortable stating their own.


BME inclusion – Work with BME Rep, Welfare Rep, and the relevant Sabbatical Officers to organise BME specific LGBT+ events, and to ensure that there are LGBT+ specific events within Asian Heritage Month and Black History Month.