Candidate for the position of Alumni Officer (Barts and The London)

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Rakin Choudhury

Your Alumni Officer:
Rakin Choudhury


Proud Alumnus of Oxford Gardens Primary School
Proud Alumnus of City of London School for Boys
Soon-to-be Proud Alumnus of Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry
Soon-to-be Kind of Proud (kidding, of course) Alumnus of Queen Mary University of London

The Alumni Officer represents BLSA to Barts and The London Alumni Association (BATLAA), the representative body of all Barts and The London (BL) alumni, and to which both current and past BL students belong.

True alumni presence at BL:

  • Visibility increased throughout Freshers Fortnight by BATLAA sponsoring BLSA’s Mummies & Daddies (as a welcome to the BL family) and creating resources (containing alumni reflections and tips) to hand out to first-years starting at BL.
  • Organize noticeable presence of BATLAA at all BLSA flagship events (e.g. Halfway Dinner, Dental Dinner, Association Dinner) to remind students they are lifelong members of BATLAA.
  • Treat graduates with BATLAA-branded favours and freebies at their events celebrating Graduation (e.g. Ball/Dinner), and complimentary prints of group and individual photos at Rites of Passage.
  • Extend the support of staff and alumni to current students with the recruitment of Staff and Alumni Presidents to those clubs and societies which are seeking such support (e.g. newly-affiliated groups).

Overhauled structure for BATLAA:

  • Fit BATLAA with a structure parallel to BLSA by creating alumni academic roles (e.g. deanery representatives), alumni welfare roles (representatives for Women, etc), and alumni activities roles (e.g. Societies and Sports Officers, to formally coordinate and support existing student group alumni officers) thus increasing opportunities for collaboration with and relevance to current students.
  • Open discussions on how BATLAA will support students in Malta on graduation, and also evaluate how BATLAA currently represents non-clinical graduates (e.g. Allied Courses).
  • Reach agreement with QMUL’s Alumni Directorate to create a voluntary intern position for the Alumni Officer at the university, thereby increasing BLSA’s say in alumni matters and contact with alumni.

Opportunities for recent leavers:

  • Restore the practice of Decennial Clubs to ease the convenience of arranging reunions, alongside running regular reunions for each cohort of entrants/graduates (at a minimum of) every ten years.
  • Open leadership roles for recent leavers by expanding BATLAA structure (as described), which will also increase the likelihood and diversity of alumni-run events (e.g. an Alumni Merger Cup, BME Networking).
  • Newly commence an annual magazine between BATLAA and BLSA, with a comprehensive record of all student and alumni news, to keep recent leavers updated with the news and successes of the community they love.

Lending support to BL’s current students:

  • Joining fees (e.g. opt-in donations for graduates, subscription fees for paper copy of annual magazine) can be introduced to raise alumni donations towards supporting student groups or bursaries, alongside a yearly BATLAA project to celebrate the student community.

Keep academic support in mind by arranging specialty-based career networking events (inviting distinguished alumni in the relevant specialty), as well as investigating other opportunities for mentorship between alumni and current students