Candidate for the position of Sports Officer (BL)

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Alice Jones

Alice Jones for BL Sports Officer 


3rd year Medical Student 
Club Sport Committee 18/19, Women's Hockey Social Secretary 18/19, StreetDoctors Volunteer + Resource Manager since 2017, MESS Year 1 Coordinator 18/19 + Teacher since 2018, BL Debating and Ethics Society Debate Moderator 18/19, ENTs committee 17/18


Why I'm running

Having been on Club Sport Committee this year I have learnt a great deal about how clubs are run, and what is needed to be a successful sports officer. Sport is at the heart of my university enjoyment and I want everyone to experience this, regardless of sporting experience.



  • Work with RAG to re-instate the RAG leader board, and increase communication between RAG and club presidents to help fundraising events 
  • Boost club volunteering hours by pre-planning volunteering sessions at the beginning of the year 
  • Get more clubs involved in United Hospitals events to increase the presence of UH in the BL community 
  • Work with welfare to promote positive masculinity through the Good Lad Initiative, and continue to celebrate women in sport through the This Girl Can campaign 



  • Open up drop-in sessions with the BL Sports Officer 
  • Introduce club of the month and player of the month on social media to coincide with final whistle 


Sporting Excellence

  • Keep the BLSA website and social media up to date on all the successes our sports clubs have 
  • Create a United Hospitals page on the BLSA website to show recognition for our clubs 
  • Increase our talent pool by promoting BL to prospective students as the medical school destination for sports
  • Set up the BLSA Sport Analysis Programme to give all the clubs the opportunity to have video analysis of their matches 


Sport For All

  • Work with clubs to ensure usage of the BLSA fitness room is fairly distributed 
  • Ensure Merger Cup date fits with BL agendas and try to set up more friendly fixtures for clubs that don’t compete 



  • Make a summary document of all the funds clubs can apply for to make applications easier and more manageable, especially as 2 new funds have been introduced this year