Candidate for the position of Sports Officer (Mile End)

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Maddy Stichbury

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About me

  • One of the current Netball Development Officers - my experience on Netball committee will help me as Sports Officer
  • Previous volunteering experience - with QMN and before university


Better Protection for Students who feel bullied in the sporting environment

  • Better framework for reporting abuse
  • More encouragement to report anything that made you feel uncomfortable
  • More awareness of on-court abuse and bullying - stamp it out


More personal relationship

  • Regular meetings between the Sports Officer, CSC members and Club Presidents
  • Weekly drop in hour for Club Presidents to speak to me about any issues they want to raise
  • Continue giving each CSC member 10 clubs to look after and invite Club Presidents to meetings with the SU to argue their case
  • Termly feedback survey for Club Presidents and members so the SU can continue evolving


Distinction between Queen Mary and Barts

  • When dealing with issues between the two campuses appoint one SU member of staff to support QM and another to supports Barts. This will ensure fairer proceedings between the two campuses. If we are separate teams, who should be treated as such


More competitive elections for CSC members

  • To ensure the most committed people are representing club sports, I propose that Club Presidents put forward a candidate at the end of the year to be voted in. It will be the responsibility of the president to make sure their candidate is the best person for the job.


Ensure myself and the role are visible

  • Easier to contact – social media pages
  • Friendlier and less formal relationship with Club Presidents
  • Information regarding my role and SU decisions made more accessible