Candidate for the position of Student Media Officer

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Charlotte Moore

As a budding female scientist, actively participating in the female overthrowing of STEM orientated careers, I am an influencing and inspiring image for the younger generation, as well as other fellow females around me.

A student media officer not only needs to represent those that they closely associate and relate to, but be the voice and representative of all. Especially in this day and age of technology and social media, by being a social media officer, we would be reaching out to avast majority, if not all, students as aprt of QMUL.

I have previously had close ties with the QMULgo page on instagram, whilst embarking on my summer school programmes abroad. I felt that as a student with frequent use of social media and previous experiene in brand representation, that the QMULgo page, particularly for abroad opportunities, lacked in certain areas.

However, my positive experiene with the official QMUL page on Instagram, has shown me how responsive, engaging, and informative the page is, especially during Fresher weeks, exam seasons, and casual updates throughout the academic year. I wish to be a part of the team involved in engaging students to ensure that no one misses out, that everyone has equal opportunites and access to information. Especially through social media, as this can make life easier for many tech-savvy and reliant individuals.

From personal experience in graphic communication and design, I have an aesthetic eye, skills in Adobe Illustrator, as well as designing and drawing abilities. I feel that these creative aspects are highly important to have effective and eye-catching displays and informative posts. I am also in the know of current hot topics and issues, as well as current day influencers, most used social media platforms, and navigation across all major apps.

What I hope to add to the existing Social Media team as well as to QMUL;

1)Weekly organised Q&A sessions on social media platforms, as this has helped me personally in the past. From experience, i believe that this should be done more frequently.

2) Engage students by arranging talks and meetings to recieve feedback from their experiences in education, lifestyle, and in QMUL.

3) To discuss and reflect on issues mentioned, openly, across certain social media platforms and pages. E.g. the under-representation of minorites, cyber-bullying, financial advice and help, lack of unifying events.

I hope that you share the same idealogies and see that I am a valuable addition to the team as well as a strong and independent leader.

Thank you for your time, 

Charlotte Moore