Candidate for the position of Volunteering Officer (Mile End)

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Stephanie Tang

Stephanie Tang



Hi! I'm Stephanie, a first year biochemist from Hong Kong. With over 5 years of experience leading and participating in community service activities, such as being service prefect, initiating a summer camp, and leading a youth volunteering club. I am familiar with how to get people involved in volunteering, and the logistics of service events. I would love to be your volunteering officer going forward.


Volunteered with 20+ NGOs. Held 8 major leadership roles. 5 volunteering related awards


Key priorities

-Promote student leadership

The current volunteering officers have done an amazing job providing opportunities for students to get involved as volunteers. However, there seems to be a lack of opportunity for student leadership. I would like to promote the delegation of responsibility to a student volunteering board in organising activities or fundraisers.


-Increase one-off/ group activities

Our current volunteering opportunities mainly involve referring students to volunteer for external organisations, this requires students to sign up and participate individually. I would like to organise more on-off volunteering activities through our "give volunteering a go" program, and increase the number of group activities where we can volunteer as a university.



Volunteering activities have not been promoted widely at the university. I will make better use of the QMSU volunteering website to make volunteering at QM more accessible. I will also relay your ideas and opinions about volunteering to the Union in order to create a better network of volunteering information.