Candidate for the position of Societies Officer (BL)

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Caitlin Gordon

Caitlin For Societies Officer!


My Manifesto

  • Lobby for like-for-like replacement of areas used by societies such as Laird Hall and the societies store cupboard after the redevelopment of Whitechapel campus
  • Push for a more transparent room booking system and a robust complaints procedure for when problems occur
  • Work with the Gozo society to stream more talks and events live to Malta so more students can engage with societies
  • Make the Griff a more accessible venue for societies by installing a grille over the bar for events after 7 and make events during Griff opening hours affordable for societies by introducing a table booking system
  • Develop a publicly available and simple procedure for accessing the societies store cupboard during the holidays and at weekends
  • Push for more recognition of the achievements of societies and their members on BLSA social media

My Experience

  • BLSA LGBT+ Rep 2018/2019
  • BL Oncology Society Social Media and Publicity Officer 2018/2019
  •  BL LGBT+ Society Social Sec 2018/2019
  • BLWP Social Sec 2017/2018
  • BL House Band member since 2016