Candidate for the position of Womens Representative (Mile End)

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Mariam Raashid

As a woman, I understand that voicing our struggles is only part of the problem: the biggest part lies in being heard. If I am elected as Women’s Representative, I will strive to be an approachable and reliable member of the Student Union for women. I will work on listening to your concerns and communicating on the progress of your issues as well as delivering the all-important results. The following are the main things I would like to work on:

Women in Power!

Encourage women to join the workforce especially in male dominated fields by promoting networking and employability opportunities:

  • Work with SU to bring in female Alumni to speak about post-graduate experiences especially those in STEM fields.
  • Encourage women to be comfortable in leadership roles i.e. in societies by providing training.

Sexual Well-Being!

Break the taboo and make sexual health the topic of conversation:

  • Lobby the university to improve the handling of harassment complaints.
  • Review and improve consent education and make it mandatory to Fresher’s curriculum.
  • Promote awareness of local sexual health clinics and accessibility for campus-based, commuting and international students.

Mental Health!

I want to encourage students to seek help if they are struggling and to be fully aware of the services they have access to.

  • Raise awareness of mental health services at QM.
  • I want to work with the SU Welfare team to hold a Mental Health Awareness week with workshops on how to deal with, and help friends dealing with mental health issues such as but not limited to: anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

Working Together!

Every student will have differing issues as a result of their overlapping identities. Working with other welfare representatives means we are closer to resolving issues in a holistic way.

  • Continue the amazing work of Ella Harvey current VP Welfare and work with the new VP Welfare to ensure Sex & Relationships month continues.
  • Work with BME, LGBT+ and Disabled Representatives to resolve specific issues that affect women of these groups.

Your Voice!

After talking to the lovely women I know, I have additional goals I would like to work on which were suggested to me as part of feedback:

  • Find more spaces to be used as female only prayer spaces.
  • Lobby for female cleaners only in female only bathrooms.


Most importantly, please come and chat to me! I will be hanging around SU Hub from 1pm-2pm 29th Feb and Library Square during Voting Week!