Candidate for the position of Humanities and Social Science Welfare Representative

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Ashra Shrestha

Ashra Shrestha for Welfare Representative

Who I am & why I am running for Welfare Representative:

My name is Ashra Shrestha and I am an International Relations & Politics student. I am running for Welfare Representative because I believe I have the will and experience to make changes that will improve our university experience. My aim is to increase equality and make our university a happy and inclusive environment where all students can flourish.  I will regularly gather and use feedback from students to make improvements. Having spoken to some already, I am aware of common concerns amongst students and I will address them. I will be your voice.

Aspects of student life I will focus on include:

  • Mental health.
  • Inclusivity & better relationships among students.
  • Stronger relationships with personal advisers.
  • Increased awareness of opportunities available.

Mental health is very important as it affects happiness and confidence, and therefore success. Extreme stress due to studies has been too normalised. It is not normal and must be addressed. I will introduce initiatives to promote good mental health and be available to talk to and offer advice/guidance where appropriate.

In addition, there will be no tolerance for disrespect. Racism, sexism and homophobia will not be tolerated. Students must be able to express themselves fully and openly to stay happy and, as mentioned before, happiness is crucial for success. Thus, inclusivity is necessary.

Furthermore, I will encourage stronger relationships among students as well as between students and personal advisors. I will do the former by raising more awareness of and organising more social events so students can form stronger bonds, and the latter by encouraging students to arrange meetings with their personal advisers at least four times a year.

I will also ensure increased awareness of opportunities available through emails and posters. This will help students develop skills and make them more employable. I will always support you.

I will work with students for students, and this is why you should vote for me.

Ashra Shrestha