Candidate for the position of Disabled and Specific Learning Difference Representative (BL)

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Jack Juckes

Improving Awareness

1. Introduce an accessibility FAQ to the BLSA website

2. Improve student and staff awareness of invisible disabilities and their impact

3. Push for curriculum reform to improve the teaching students receive about disabilities and SLDs

4. Promote support services to students to improve awareness of what help is available

5. Increase the profile of doctors and dentists with disabilities


Improving Environment

1. Walk-round with estates and BL President to highlight accessibility works needed for WC and CHSQ 

2. Lobby the university to ensure step-free access is available at ALL TIMES

3. Ensure all accessibility equipment (e.g. ramps, lifts) are fit for use and audited regularly

4. Lobby for more accessible study spaces on campus


Improving Education

1. Work with the school to produce guidance around exams and OSCEs for accessibility issues 

2. Work with the school to implement placement/group swapping criteria for accessibility issues 

3. Introduce an accessibility rating for individual Garrod rooms to assist with room bookings for students/staff with accessibility needs

4. Increase length of timetable gaps where cross-campus travel is necessary

5. Work with the school to improve SCAP procedure and reduce delay in students receiving outcome 


Improving Services and Community

1. Work with the Welfare Rep to officially make Mental Health Awareness Fortnight a joint campaign 

2. Introduce and chair a monthly Disabled & SLD student forum 

3. Introduce a reporting procedure to inform university of changes to accessibility needs 

4. Introduce a feedback form to review the effectiveness of Disability & SLD support services