Candidate for the position of VP London

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Giulia Olayemi

Giulia Olayemi - No. 1 VP London


  • Encourage societies to live stream events to Gozo campus (and vice versa)
  • Further integrate medics, dentists and allied course students together
  • Lobby the university to make venues more easily accessible
  • Make Fresher’s Fair available for QMSU societies whose equivalent are not available at BLSA
  • Work with the BLSA President to further refine the BL Bulletin
  • Continue to grow the BLSA Website


  • Expand the BLSA Mentoring Programme to include Postgraduate and external Intercalating students
  • Create a Postgraduate careers fair/networking event
  • Lobby the university to diversify the staff population, especially employing women of colour
  • Build upon and continue the current research being conducted regarding the BME attainment gap


  • Ensure that QMSU Staff support are available at BL campuses at suitable hours for BL students
  • Have more non-alcoholic events available all year round
  • Develop an online Student Group financial tracking system with QMSU to make it easier for societies to keep track of finances
  • Continue to develop the Volunteering Sports Awards
  • Promote and encourage Community Sport Activities in BL Sports clubs


  • Ensure that Rites of Passage and Graduation are held on the same day
  • Support BLSA reps whenever possible
  • Continue the fight to preserve the BLSMD brand and protect the BL Identity
  • Make student group funding more transparent including explanations of decisions made available to all
  • Create a more user-friendly application guide for BLSA Funding applications and ensure their frequent promotion