Candidate for the position of External Affairs Officer (Barts and The London)

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Michael Niman


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Statement - Hello there! As your EA officer, I will hold networking events welcoming local business’ from Tower Hamlets to showcase all the achievements done by our student groups. In the past I have secured £30,000 from O2, Unltd and Santander for various projects and will use this experience to improve student opportunities at BL.

Networking event - Hold two tentpole networking events that introduces local businesses, the council and Chamber of Commerce to BL student groups to build connections and arrange funding opportunities.

Sponsorship package -Help student groups put together a sponshorship pamphlet that can be sent out to businesses. Utilising the sponsorship contacts built in the networking events, we will be able to better target businesses that are closer aligned to the student groups and therefore more likely to be successful in receiving funding.

Micro-grant - Launch a micro-grant fund (~£100) with a short application process (<2 weeks) for: student groups who need emergency cash for an unplanned event issue; students who have innovative ideas non-/medical; students who want to test-run a student group but aren’t able to build a committee or commit fulltime.

Travel - Find a sponsor to cover or at the very least lower the cost of travel for students to attend sports games.

Lower ticket price - Similarly to the previous point, I will work tirelessly to find a sponsor to help lower the price of our big ticket events. As those who want to go to a few of the below: Assoc Dinner, BATLAA, End of Season Dinner, Xmas dinner or Halfway Ball may find themselves paying nearly £200.