Candidate for the position of Sports Officer (BL)

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Liam Nicholson


Plain Text Manifesto

Liam Nicholson – BL Sports Officer

Increasing Accessibility.

  • Send out an extra welcome pack to GEPs, Allied courses and 3rd year transfers to make them aware of sport at BL to increase engagement
  • Encourage all clubs to hold a women's only 'This Girl Can' session with monetary rewards for the clubs that have engaged best with the campaign
  • Grow the Sports Volunteering Project so that there are more opportunities to get involved and increase the financial incentive attached to it 
  • Work with QMSU to make purchasing Get Active vouchers easier and advertise these more to get more people involved in sport


Expanding Publicity.

  • Hold the Final Whistle challenge on the raised area at the Griff Entrance to improve visibility, thus engaging more people and use this to draw attention to the sporting achievements of our clubs
  • Promote ALL Merger fixtures and release immediate results and video highlights on BL Sport social media
  • Publicise UH finals and BUCs Cup fixtures on BL Sport social media to improve supporter turnout at these important matches


Improving Club Sustainability.

  • Work with Club Sport to review the way that travel money is allocated to ensure that our athletes are supported financially for away fixtures
  • Increase club engagement with Social Cohesion Sport Programme so that clubs can train up members as officials and coaches allowing for clubs to become more self-sustainable in the future
  • Form links with local sports teams and put them in contact with BL Sports Clubs to arrange pre-season friendlies to ensure that our teams are ready for the season ahead