Candidate for the position of Societies Officer (Mile End)

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Ian Aizikovich

Society Officer Mile End – Ian Aizikovich -  Manifesto

                                Here is a TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read) version of my programme

  1. Inclusiveness; everyone is welcome at Queen Mary: changes to welcome fair, taster sessions, icebreakers and memberships.
  2. Societies by and for students: easier and more accessible system of creating and managing societies, as well as resurrecting inactive societies.
  3. Society Officer role changes: he/she is to be a medium between students/society boards/Union at all times and must (!) be eager to talk to each about their issues with the aforementioned.
  4. Finally bringing Societies page on the website to a standard.

Longer version:

  1. Welcome Fair:
    1. Welcome Fair to be a two-day activity
    2. The timetable and days to be set in accordance to some sort of feedback/timetable.
    3. Instead of creating a hot, unbreathable labyrinth out of the SU building, rationalise the fair across campus, so not only can newcomers explore it, but Welcome fair will not pose any health or fire safety hazard to the building.
  2. Taster sessions and icebreakers:
    1. Taster sessions and ‘icebreakers’ to be included as essential in every society’s activities
    2. Further discussion with heads of societies the restructuring of taster weeks and icebreakers
  3. Creating and managing societies:
    1. Educate those who want to create a society on the process itself, the deadlines and the duties as a president/head of the group.
    2. Make the process itself more peer-to-peer – as a Society Officer, each and every application could be done through an informal educative interview, instead of numerous Word Documents.
  4. Resurrecting Inactive Societies:
    1. Rethinking the process of involvement with inactive societies
    2. Possibility of their revival, if a group of students is interested.
  5. Society Officer as a role:
    1. Society Officer can be contacted at any times for any matter: from a formal inquiry into budget to a first-year student asking to go with him/her to an icebreaker because they are too shy.
    2. Educate both society management and students themselves what society officer does and when can you contact him or her.
  6. Societies Page:
    1. Its Microsoft Office 2007 appearance has to change to engage more people.
    2. Clean up the page of the obsolete societies.
    3. Every society has to include active ‘contact’ links on their pages.


Finally, I would like to thank you for reading my manifesto till the end, means a lot to me! Cheers!