Candidate for the position of Vice President Welfare

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Demi Whitnell


Plain Text Manifesto

Who am I?

Demi Whitnell, final year English student. Editor-in-Chief of CUB Magazine, QMUL’s campus magazine, as well as a radio show presenter at Quest Radio with the show Soft Limit, dedicated to positive sex talk and educational content. Active involvement in the university magazine has opened my eyes to the issues students face on campus daily which goes under the radar and to the impact that student involvement with SU has in relation to student wellbeing and happiness. I no longer wish to be a silent bystander and want to take a more active role in student wellbeing.


Why me?

I already put many hours of my day into QMUL’s magazine, dedicating time to support writers with matters surrounding mental health and on-campus safety. I am reliable and give my utter devotion to students as many of my writers can vouch for, listening to their issues and putting my time and effort into providing them with the answers or help they need. I feel the university needs someone who has such a close knit relationship with students on a friendly, yet also authoritative level to take on the VP Welfare position. 


What will I do?

  • Create more awareness surrounding sex based topics of discussion- consent training to become more influential in reference to BDSM, gaslighting, domestic violence and safe practise, as well as sign-posting the relevant help, information and sources.
  • Ensure that students have the skills to protect themselves and others on campus as well as staff- students should feel safe in confinding to a staff member meaning staff must have appropriate training to handle said situations.
  • Work with BAME students in conversation about mental health and sexual health- create a safe space for open discussion.
  • Ensure that months such as Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month and LGBT+ History Month have as much coverage as possible within the classroom and on campus.
  • Focus on male mental health by creating a safe environment for open discussion- introduce more male based mental health talks on campus and workshops on how to help a male friend find the path to better mental health.
  • Create more awareness for male domestic abuse and provide help for those who have experienced abuse or just provide an open space for discussion.
  • Give further training to students within QMUL positions (Heads of Media and Chairman of societies) on issues affecting their teams- consent training to become mandatory for all those in positions on campus.
  •  Create focus groups to discuss what QMUL can do to tackle the issue of sexual assault on campus, as well as to provide a safe space for those affected to recover and feel safe on campus grounds again.
  • Create more awareness for issues such as FGM and provide educational talks to inform and discuss openly.