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Charlotte Edgar


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About Me:

  • I am studying an MSc in Preventative Medicine – Mental Health and the Creative Arts at Barts and the London.
  • Queen Mary School of English and Drama Alumni.
  • I have almost two years experience working for the SU and I am a supervisor for QMSU Café’s.
  • I have attended all of the Commercial Services Meetings 2019-Present so know what issues are discussed and what needs further campaigning!


My Pledges:

  1. REDUCING WAITING TIMES AT GROUND: Although I am staff, I am first and foremost a student! I know how frustrating the queues at Ground can be at lunchtime, especially if you just want a drink! I pledge to implement systems that will reduce waiting times. I will do this by providing different ordering and payment systems, such as a portable tablet for staff to use. This will create more efficient queuing. I shall also look into creating more space for more panini grills.


  1. BETTER COMMUNICATION: Approaching venue managers/supervisors may be daunting or not appropriate at times. I therefore wish to introduce an anonymous forum for all staff to submit their requests/feedback. These would then be discussed at the monthly Commercial Services Meeting.  Staff meetings with managers present once a semester would also assist better communication networks.


  1. LISTENING TO YOU:  From asking you, the customer, what you want to see implemented across campus, I shall work towards keeping prices down in the cafés and the Clubs, securing better meal deals, and getting rid of the £2 minimum card spend in the Union Shop. From asking fellow staff, maintaining wages, paid staff training and pushing for future pay rises and incentives is extremely important to me.


  1. GOING GREEN AND ENSURING SUSTAINABILITY: I pledge to reduce plastic waste by phasing out plastic water bottles and introducing reusable cups in Drapers. A huge problem is the amount of wastage each evening that gets thrown away. I wish to introduce a system that is utilised throughout campus that donates leftover products to local homeless shelters and food banks – there is a form of this already happening in the Village Shop, so it is possible!


  1. BETTER AFFORDABLE OPTIONS FOR STUDENTS WITH DIETRY REQUIREMENTS: As someone with a dairy allergy, I understand how difficult it is to find options in the Café’s and Shops! I pledge to increase gluten-free and dairy-free options throughout campus that are affordable. I shall also continue to push for more vegan options – including vegan snacks, pastries and hot food!