Candidate for the position of Sustainability Officer (Mile End)

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Grace McMeekin


Plain Text Manifesto

Grace McMeekin for Sustainability Officer!


Hi, I’m Grace and I’m running for sustainability officer. I’m a second year film student whose biggest passion is the environment.


Why I’m standing:


The climate crisis we face can be a daunting prospect. I believe action must start from ourselves and there are actions we can take within our university community to make a real difference. I have been a member of Green Mary since my first year and have loved working with other students to make positive changes to our campus. I would love to connect with as many students as possible to address sustainability issues that are important to them and be the voice of the students when it comes to sustainability.


I will work hard to:


•    Lobby the university to declare a climate emergency

•    Introduce a swap coffee cup scheme to phase out single use coffee cups

•    Reduce single-use plastic sold in union outlets e.g. Ground Cafe, Drapers, The Griff Inn

•    Reduce food waste on campus by introducing a composting scheme

•    Promote and improve green spaces on campus such as the garden to connect students with nature, to help wildlife and improve mental health

•    Organise Green Mary Markets with stalls selling vegan food and informing students on sustainable living

•    Work with Green Mary to increase the range and reduce the price of vegan food in union outlets

•    Continue to work with Green Mary to engage and connect students, finding out about and acting on environmental issues that are important to them


Remember to vote in the student elections from the 24th-27th February!