Candidate for the position of RAG Officer (BL)

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Plain Text Manifesto

1. Increase awareness of RAG

I would aim to do this by increasing the advertisement of what RAG means, what RAG is for, and how you can get involved.

2. Improve communication between

RAG Officer and Student Groups I will try to provide a streamlined process for student groups to approach the RAG Officer for assistance with their RAG events.

3. Get RAG merchandise sold at the BLSA reception

I will add onto the current work which has been done by previous RAG Officers, and work to have merch sold at the BLSA, with proceeds going directly to RAG.


Entertainment Officer: '19-'20

LGBT+ Society Social Secretary: '19-'20

RAG Committee: '19-'20

Treasurer of Students for Global Health: '18-'19 and '19-'20

MESS Lecturer: '18-'19 and '19-'20

BL Yoga Committee: '18-'19 and '19-'20

Sustain@BL Events Coordinator: '18-19

Project Play Leader: '18-'19


Social media

Instagram: @numsforblrag

Facebook: Email: