Candidate for the position of Sports Officer (Mile End)

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Szymon Butryn


Plain Text Manifesto


My experience:

·  Captain of the Queen Mary 1st Basketball Team

·   Participant of the Merger Cup; Organizer of multiple basketball events in the past

·   Exchange student on a University of Sydney

My agenda:

·  Improved communication and information flow on the campus – Never miss a sporting event!

·  GoActive sessions and a formation of a University Tennis Team

·  More GoActive sessions focused on team sports (Volleyball, Basketball, Futsal, Unihockey)

My projects: 

·       Fighting to repair the roof and improve the Qmotion gym

·       Let’s create a small, outdoor sporting facility at the campus!

·       Postboxes for the students to share ideas and concerns with the Student Union

·       Without different cultures there’s no real sports experience – Let us all work to bring everybody together through the magic of sports

My Mission:

·       Sports for you, with you, through you 

·       An officer as an administrative and representative position 

·       Building a community deeper than the game