Candidate for the position of Vice President Welfare

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Sameyia Syed


Plain Text Manifesto


Who am I?

I am a third year International Student of Politics and International Relations. I have been involved in the SU since my first year in this university. I was elected to be the International Welfare rep for the year 2018-2019. I have also served as the president of International society from 2018-2019. Outside of campus, I have represented my community on several platforms and have worked for the welfare on under privileged kids.  

On-Campus facilities

- Better reception services in the halls including parcel collection and implantation of security guards past mid night

- Better and cheaper meals at the mess, more halal, vegan and vegetarian food options

- Broadened student representation in the SU by making a post of hall reps

Environmental Welfare

- Making all SU outlets including Drapers

bar and

the curve a plastic free zone.

- A drive to keep both campuses environment friendly

- Strict rules about smoking around

the campuses except the smoking zones

- Exercises for students who want to quit smoking

Health Facilities

- Emergency first aid services in every hall's reception

- Efficient on-campus GP appointments

- Stress relieving exercises

- Creation of a student body that listens to personal issues of the students, trained by mental health professionals

- Free STI testing for students at least once a semester

- Daily Activities on stress relieving, anger management and anxiety

International Students

- Sex-Ed classes for all international students

- Weekly activities for each hall designed by the hall reps

to form a bond between hall fellows

- Compulsory meeting with mental health advisor every month for first years