Candidate for the position of Volunteering Officer (Mile End)

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Aleksandra Olszewska


Plain Text Manifesto

"Volunteering officer

Aleksandra Olszewska

- President of Aspire Volunteering group.

- Worked with a number of charities.

- Organised multiple events: fundraisers, conferences and inclusive sports sessions.

What I would like to achieve?

1. Make volunteering more accessible.

My role as Aspire's President has shown me that often there are obstacles in joining many volunteering opportunities and people get discouraged. I would like to increase the number of accessible volunteering positions and advertise them effectively.

2. To successfully promote existing opportunities. 

The Student Union already offers a lot of great opportunities. I would like to introduce new channels in which to promote these opportunities and hold information sessions for those interested.

3. To make students provide feedback and it is heard.

I would like to listen to you and understand better what is working but most importantly what could be improved. I would do my best to ensure that your voice is heard and applicable suggestions and improvements are implemented."