Candidate for the position of Vice President Welfare

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Jack Juckes


Plain Text Manifesto

About Me:

  • 4th Year Medical Student
  • BL Disability and SLD Rep 2019/20
  • UH MedGroup Welfare Rep 2019/20
  • Vice President Barts 2018/19
  • Director of QMSU Services Ltd 2018/19
  • BL LGBTQ+ Rep 2017/18
  • QMSU Student Council 2017-2020
  • QMSU Welfare Zone 2017/18, 19/20
  • QMSU Venues and Events Supervisor - Drapers and Griff Inn 2017-2020


Academic Welfare:

  • University-wide review of Appeals and Deregistration process to reduce negative impact on students
  • Improved academic, pastoral and financial support for resitting students
  • Additional QMSU Academic Advocacy staff
  • Revamp Study Well into a full-year initiative with presence at every campus
  • Introduce Academic Welfare Impact reviews for each school, co-chaired by staff and student representatives
  • Ensure no students are disadvantaged by staff strikes
  • Increased independent study space at all campuses


Physical and Mental Health:

  • Lobby university for Suicide Prevention Strategy and opt-in system for notifying parents of welfare issues
  • Life skills workshops and support for struggling first-years
  • University review of failing Occupational Health Service
  • Increased evening and weekend availability for Advice and Counselling appointments, and increase maximum number of sessions offered from 6 to 8
  • End the charge for a doctor's note for ECs
  • Full year social media campaign of "Wellbeing Wednesday" and "Self-Care Sunday"
  • Run campaigns on safe drinking and safe substance use
  • Increased availability of Mental Health First Aid training
  • Men's Mental Health campaign during Movember
  • Continue success of Sex and Relationships Month


Barts and The London:

  • Advice & Counselling and DDS services at all campuses
  • Clearer guidance around NHS Funding for clinical years
  • Weekly VP Welfare drop in hours at all campuses
  • Implement welfare checks for students on outfirms
  • Dedicated gender neutral toilets at all campuses
  • Skype in to relevant university meetings to support welfare of Gozo students


Finance and Employment:

  • Lobby for greater university investment in bursaries and hardship funds, and improve advertising of this support
  • Increased variety of careers events and guidance
  • Attend Commercial Services meetings to support welfare of our Student Staff
  • Introduce system for employing students in financial hardship as QMSU Student Staff
  • Promote Living Wage part-time jobs to students
  • Reduce time taken to reimburse expenses claims


Safe Campus and Community:

  • Compulsory consent training for all new students
  • Expand Good Night Out training for all QMSU bar staff
  • Lobby university for full transparent review of security services
  • Increased campus green space and green study space
  • Lobby university for full review of lighting on all campuses
  • Secure bike lock-up at all campus



  • "Knock Knock" welfare check scheme for halls residents
  • Lobby university for commitment to affordable accommodation
  • Work with Residential Support to create Residential Welfare Strategy
  • Bring "Halls Reps" system back under QMSU from the university