Candidate for the position of Alumni Officer (Barts and The London)


My name is Richard Donovan (“Dono”) and I am running for the position of Alumni Officer 2012-13. This is a new position which has been created to fill a void on the Student President’s Council (SPC) because the old alumni system seems to have lost touch with the younger generation of medical graduates. My role will involve keeping in touch with all recent and new alumni and to rejuvenate the old system. My ambition is to emulate and improve upon a system which was implemented at Imperial by their students to create a reserve of funding. This funding will then be accessible to clubs and societies, who will be able to utilise the extra money to further their activities.

Every new alumni member who signs up will receive an annual publication to keep them up-to-date with the progress of life at Barts and The London. I will also be organising an annual alumni dinner during which alumni will be reunited for an evening of fine dining. Once established, we can then consider future offers such as a range of alumni accessories such as ties or cufflinks, and perhaps even alumni awards.

As this is a new initiative, its first year will undoubtedly be most crucial and I certainly feel that I am the most suitable candidate to ensure its success. Maintaining strong links with our alumni is important to continue to develop our proud history and build a large network of BL graduates who can help both the alumni and future generations, as well as providing a new source of funding to advance the achievements of our clubs and societies to compete as the best in London.

Throughout my time at Barts and The London, I have been a highly active member of the student body and proud to be a BL student. This year I have undertaken the role of Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) Representative, and last year I was the Entertainment (ENTS) Officer. I have also sat on the SPC, Student Council and SSLC for a number of years, having also chaired both the Student Council and SSLC.

I have spent the past 3-4 years involved in a wide range of clubs and societies such as football and RAG, written a number of articles for the Vulture and have also worked at the Griffinn as both barman and a DJ.

I feel that my wealth of experience in event management and leadership, in combination with my attention to detail and time management make me the ideal candidate for this role. I have experience working with events staff and management staff at both Whitechapel and Mile End, which I can draw upon for this role. My ability to write for the Vulture will also help me in terms of developing an annual publication to send to alumni. I also expect that I shall have to work closely with the President, the two VPs and other members of the SPC to make this new scheme highly successful.

I look forward to this challenge and anticipate a new era for our relations with our alumni, to continue BL’s success and further our longevity. Within a few years, I hope that we will see a growing network of alumni who continue to remain in contact with BL and attend annual dinners, as well as providing our clubs and societies with funding to further their success.