Candidate for the position of Student Media Officer

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Vinny Sandhu

About Me:


  • I am a first-year History student with a keen interest in journalism. I have been involved in the Student Media at QM since I joined the university, as a member of CUB Magazine and The Print.


What is Student Media?


  • The Student Media is a brilliant way to enter media as a future career and a fun way to get involved in student life.
  • Our current publications include: The Print, CUB Magazine, Peach, Jigsaw, Quest, QMTV and The Dental Mirror.
  • Being part of these outlets gives so many amazing opportunities for learning new skills, teamwork, problem-solving and networking.


Why I want the position?


  • I feel it is important that as students we should engage more with the work our fellow peers create. Hence, I want to stand for the interests of these publications and to represent them on behalf of the Student Council.




  • I was the Events and Charities Executive at my college last year, which shows I have the transferrable skills to put in the time and work to be your next Student Media Officer.
  • I have been a representative on Student Councils for several years now and I am dedicated to advocating students’ views.


My Aims:


  • I want to represent the Student Media and to be your voice. Your publications are important and show some of the voices of the student body.
  • I want to increase the level of collaboration between the Student Media and societies at QM. Bringing these two together will enable more diverse projects, increase recognition of certain societies and produce great content!
  • To ensure there is diversity within the Student Media and recognise the need for safe and positive discussion spaces.
  • My main aim is to increase the visibility of Student Media as some of our publications are not adequately recognised by fellow students.