Dental Society Elections 2021: BSc Rep

Dental Society Elections for BSc2 Representative.

The polls have closed.

Dental Society Elections - BSc2 Representative

Only open to 1st Year BSc Oral Health Students. For more information please see the Committee Elections Handbook.

Only open to 1st Year BSc Oral Health Students.

Responsibilities include:

  • Liaise with 2nd Year Oral Health students and staff and members of SSLC to try and resolve any clinical and academic issues as well as keeping direct contact with director of the oral health course about timetabling, exams, teaching issues.
  • Help integrate oral health students with the dental undergraduates in both academic and social activities.
  • Have regular correspondence with the year via an effective means of communication to update them on requirements that are needed and to inform them of any other key clinical/curriculum matters.
  • Have a positive approach toward your year and be an example to reflect the standard of professionalism that is expected by the School’s management.
  • Feedback concerns and suggestions of oral health students to the Dental Society, to ensure that they are as involved as everyone else in the way the Society is run.
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