The Results

Students' Union Election Results

Congratulations to all our successful candidates for 2022-23 and thank you to all our voters, candidates and everyone that took part. We look forward to welcoming our new reps in September, you can find all the winners below.

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Executive Officers

Adi Sawalha
Vice President Communities
Radhika Thiagarajan
Vice President Welfare
Jojo Croft
Vice President Barts and The London
Charlie Sellar
Vice President Humanities and Social Sciences
Saynab Sharif
Vice President Science and Engineering
Muneer Hussain

Student Trustees

Student Trustee
Student Trustee
Ayhan Sari
Student Trustee
Hassan Bushnag

Activities Representatives

Student Council Chair
Azzah Abubacar
Commercial Services Officer
Zain Khan
Dental Society President
Rawand Ahmed Shado
BLSA Malta Co-president (Activities)
Amy Hickey
Sports Officer (ME)
Akansh Katyayan
Sports Officer (BL)
Sarah Chan
Societies Officer (Malta)
Brigette Coelho
Societies Officer (BL)
Ali Hammed
Societies Officer (ME)
Benedict Kwakuyi
Sustainability Officer (ME)
Amélie Barone
Volunteering Officer (BL)
Janice Tan Sue Wei
Volunteering Officer (ME)
Sofia Heras Valdivielso
VP Barts
Annie Mae Wright
VP London
Liam Nicholson

Welfare & Liberation Representatives

BAME Representative (BL)
Austin Iroegbu
Disabled and Specific Learning Difference Rep (ME)
Faizan Sheikh
Disabled and Specific Learning Difference Rep (BL)
Eileen Lee Jia Huey
LGBT+ Representative (BL)
Shivin Hassan
Womens Rep (BL)
Kayatre Giritharadas
Womens Rep (ME)
Aparna George
Welfare Officer (BL)
Amelia & Numa
Welfare Officer (HSS)
Mikolaj Kowalewski
Welfare Officer (S&E)
Yunus Khan
Welfare Officer (Malta)
Rafiah Khan

Educational Representatives

Allied Courses Rep
Kareemah Jaigirdar
BLSA Malta Co-president (Education)
Mohammed Zaid Jaweed
School of Biological & Behavioural Sciences Rep
Lahmia Hoque
School of Business & Management Rep
Pranshu Goyal
School of Economics & Finance Rep
Saphia Rahman
School of Electronic Engineering & Computer Sciences Rep
Jais Dargan
School of Engineering & Material Sciences Rep
Yugesh Sundharam
School of English & Drama Rep
Asma Majeed
School of History Rep
Naomi Marshall
School of Languages, Linguistics & Film Rep
Gurneet Dhillon
School of Law Rep
Krishna Pandey and Vartika Khanduja
School of Mathematical Sciences Rep
Roulian Zelo
School of Medical and Dental Sciences (Dental) Rep
Sabir Saleh
School of Medical and Dental Sciences Clinical (Medicine) Rep
Rahma Hegy and James Tavner
School of Medical and Dental Sciences Pre-Clinical (Medicine) Rep
Jumainah Fardaus Rahman and Shirin Massroor
School of Physical & Chemical Sciences Rep
Al-Habib Mraish
School of Politics & International Relations Rep
Rameesha Ahmed
International Rep (BL)
Ivy Lee Jia Jia and Kaye Tian Hoo
International Rep (HSS)
Amir Khalid Qazi
International Rep (S&E)
Aisha Qadi
Postgraduate Research Rep (HSS)
Matthew Beach
Postgraduate Research Rep (S&E)
Israfil Soyler

Operational (Non-Representatives)

External Affairs Officer (BL)
Carl Evans
Engagement Officer (BL)
Amaan Abbas
Entertainments Officer (BL)
Christina Carrington
Entertainments Officer (Malta)
Fahaad Ahmed
Alumni Officer (BL)
Lauren Johnson
Secretary (BL)
Ali Rookes
Secretary (HSS)
Raminta Kacinskaite
Secretary (S&E)
Jahnvi Sikligar
Secretary (Malta)
Jordan Truong
RAG Officer (BL)
Amy Ng
RAG Officer (ME)
Zeyneb Taibi

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