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To view the official results of Students' Union Spring Elections 2020, please see below.

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Executive Officers

The 6 full-time Executive Officers will lead the Students’ Union, run campaigns and projects to improve students’ lives, lobby and work with University Senior Management and are paid £26,000 for their year in office. Elected students take a year out of their studies or complete the role directly after completing their degree.


Shamima Akter

Vice President Welfare

Jack Juckes

Vice President Communities

Tiana Dinard-Samuel

Vice President Humanities & Social Sciences

Cameron Storey

Vice President Science & Engineering

Aphrodite Liddington

Vice President Barts & The London

Mat Robathan

Students' Union Development & Operations

These positions are responsible for things like Societies, Sports Clubs and Volunteering. Also included in this section are cross-campus roles such as Commercial Services Officer, Student Council Chair and the Student Trustees.

Student Trustee

Daud Mustafa

Student Trustee

Elizabeth Edmonds-Magee

Student Trustee

Ibrahim Razi

Student Trustee

Vanessa Beale

Student Council Chair

Joe Vinson

Commercial Services Officer

Charlotte Edgar

Sustainability Officer

Grace McMeekin

Vice President Barts

Andreas Hadjidemetriou

Vice President London

Thaarabi Tharmapathy

Dental Society President

Milton Justinsuthakaran

Societies Officer (ME)

Ian Aizikovich

Societies Officer (BL)

Varvara Evgeniou

Volunteering Officer (ME)

Aleksandra Olszewska

Volunteering Officer (BL)

Annie Mae Wright

Sports Officer (ME)

Szymon Butryn

Sports Officer (BL)

Liam Nicholson

RAG Officer (BL)*


Alumni Officer*

Esther Awe

Engagement Officer*

Abi Young


Alice Scholfield

Entertainments Officer*

Alex King

Entertainments Officer*

Caitríona Kealy

External Affairs Officer*

William Wicks

*Additional non-representative positions - these positions are non-representative roles that do not sit on Student Council

Liberation positions

The Students’ Union understands that forms of structural oppression marginalise certain groups of students, resulting in social and economic inequality, discrimination, harassment and violence. For this reason, we elect 9 self-defining liberation representatives who lead on issues affecting these students.

Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Representative (ME)

Kushi Misra

Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Representative (BL)

Shyam Gadhvi

Disabled and SLD Representative (ME)

Beatrix Andrews

Disabled and SLD Representative (BL)

Lucy Edgar

LGBT+ Representative (ME)

Sasha Golden

LGBT+ Representative (BL)

Robert Tucker

Trans Representative

Florence Corf

Women's Representative (ME)

Azainah Zahrah Siddiqui

Women's Representative (BL)

Emily Brandon

Humanities and Social Sciences Board positions

Alongside their individual responsibility areas the following School and Faculty Representative positions also sit on the Humanities & Social Sciences Board. The Board will discuss and advance the interests and needs of students studying in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences.

Business & Management Representative

Naveena Dhera

Economics & Fincance Representative

Daniaal Amin

English & Drama Representative

Jessica Galloway

Law Representative

Matthew Ferguson

Geography Representative

Nevroz Fehimli

History Representative

Anisa Taznim

Politics & International Relations Representative

TIE: There will be a re-election between both candidates

Language, Linguistics and Film Representative

Olivia Walton

Postgraduate Taught Representative

Egemen Koken

Welfare Officer

Ghena G Aswad

International Representative

Emujin Davaadorj

Science and Engineering Board positions

Alongside their individual responsibility areas the following School and Faculty Representative positions also sit on the Science & Engineering Board. The Board will discuss and advance the interests and needs of students studying in the Faculty of Science & Engineering.

Biological & Chemical Science Representative

Ramesh Wilson

Engineering & Material Science Representative

Jivya Rajesh & Mughees Asif

Mathematical Science Representative

Muhammad Abdulmuntaqim

Physics & Astronomy Representative

Zuzanna Kocjan

Electronic Engineering & Computer Science Representative

Saba Sadek

Postgraduate Research Representative

Muhammad Sami Siddiqui

Welfare Officer

Fares Azhari

International Representative

Stephanie Tang

Barts and The London School positions

These positions form part of Faculty Boards that meet to discuss the needs and interests of students and work to make changes and improvements to the student experience in their faculty.

Pre-clinical (Medicine) Representative

James Tavner

Clinical (Medicine) Representative

Charalambos Hadcharalambous

Dental Representative

Gurleen Muker

Gozo Representative

Yassar Malik

Allied Courses Representative

Elsa Heald

Postgraduate Research Representative

Nazia Uddin

Welfare Officer

Ellora Kamineni

International Representative

Francis Elechi