The Results

Students' Union Election Results

Congratulations to all our successful candidates for 2021-22 and thank you to all our voters, candidates and everyone that took part. We look forward to welcoming our new reps in September, you can find all the winners below.

Signed Results in detail (PDF)

Executive Officers

Adi Sawalha
Vice President Communities
Radhika Thiagarajan
Vice President Welfare
Muneer Hussain
Vice President Barts and The London
Robert Leo Tucker
Vice President Humanities and Social Sciences
Saynab Sharif
Vice President Science and Engineering
Bilge Kacmaz

Student Trustees

Student Trustee
Sarrah Kaviwala
Student Trustee
Jack Juckes
Student Trustee
Abdul-Baasit Al-Basakuta
Student Trustee
Mustafa Al-Asady

Activities Representatives

Student Council Chair
Mouna Ichidou
Commercial Services Officer
Sakshi Kumawat
Dental Society President
Jad Suresh
Gozo Representative
Yousef Salem
Gozo Society President
Sports Officer (ME)
Zain Khan
Sports Officer (BL)
Olivia Dupere
Societies Officer (BL)
Karolina Wieczorek
Societies Officer
Bhavleen Kaur
Sustainability Officer (ME)
Tala Sammur
Sustainability Officer (BL)
Minahil Khan
Volunteering Officer (BL)
Mahnoor Ahsan
Volunteering Officer
Tasmiah Shamsad

Welfare & Liberation Representatives

BAME Representative (BL)
Shivani Ganesh
BAME Representative
Devanshu Goyal and Muhammad Hamza
Disabled and Specific Learning Difference Rep (ME)
Amy Dowse
LGBT+ Representative (BL)
Amelia Jones
LGBT+ Representative
Isidora Z and Katrina Fuller
Womens Rep (BL)
Becky Hoskyns
Womens Rep (ME)
Amy Krens and Natasha Kaur
Welfare Officer (BL)
Lucy Edgar
Welfare Officer (HSS)
Anjali Gananathan
Welfare Officer (S&E)
Fahad Kolim

Educational Representatives

Allied Courses Rep
Polen Bareke

School of Biological & Chemical Sciences Rep
Aisha Qadi
School of Business & Management Rep
Diya Singh
School of Economics & Finance Rep
Azmain Iftekhar
School of Electronic Engineering & Computer Sciences Rep
Antonita Nimalan and Samira Rahman (Ant and Sam)
School of Engineering & Material Sciences Rep
Darcey Blackman & Yugesh Sundharam
School of English & Drama Rep
Katie Butler
School of History Rep
Rosie Matthews and Madison Miller (LPB)
School of Languages, Linguistics & Film Rep
George Boulton
School of Law Rep
Alina Liebholz & Gunjit Dinesh Madra
School of Mathematical Sciences Rep
Hemanth Paneer Selvam
School of Medical and Dental Sciences (Dental) Rep
Simran Sanghera
School of Medical and Dental Sciences Clinical (Medicine) Rep
James Tavner
School of Medical and Dental Sciences Pre-Clinical (Medicine) Rep
Rahma Hegy
School of Physics & Astronomy Rep
Sharafina Binti Razin
School of Politics & International Relations Rep
Louis Gouget
International Rep (BL)
Panayiotis Stavrinou
International Rep (HSS)
Martin P√°szti
International Rep (S&E)
Adya Aggarwal
Postgraduate Research Rep (HSS)
Vikki Barry Brown and Matthew J. Beach
Postgraduate Research Rep (S&E)
Hussain Ali Abid

Operational (Non-Representatives)

External Affairs Officer (BL)
Ibrahim Dinah
Engagement Officer (BL)
Carl Evans
Entertainments Officer (BL)
Liam Nicholson
Entertainments Officer (BL)
Simi Lakhani
Alumni Officer (BL)
Kiriana Lagden
Secretary (BL)
Thaarabi Tharmapathy
Secretary (HSS)
Ananya Mankoo
Secretary (S&E)
Gauree Samtani
RAG Officer (BL)
Annie Mae Wright
RAG Officer
Abdullah Taibi
VP Barts
Numa Ali
VP London
Varvara Evgeniou

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