Step by step guide

Are you interested in leading the Students' Union? Find out more below on how you can run and get involved, nominations for the autumn elections are now open, closing date is Friday 27th September at 4pm.

1: Nominate yourself online

Make sure you are logged in on the website, if you aren't logged in you wont be able to see the 'stand in election' button.

Once you have clicked 'Stand in election', you will be taken to the nomination page where you will need to provide the following details:

Display Name: This is the name you would like to be displayed on our website and on the ballot form. For example, your full name is Mr Jonathan Bloggs but you would like it to be displayed as 'Joe Bloggs'.

Email Address: Please provide the email address you would like us to contact you on.

Phone Number: Please provide us a phone number we can contact you on.

Once your details have been entered, you will need to click 'save'. Now that you have saved your details, click on 'stand', here you will be able to see which positions you are able to stand in, you will only be able to stand for the positions you meet the requirements for. If you think you should there is something wrong and you should be able to stand for a position, please email us at su-elections@qmul.ac.uk. Some positions will require you to self define before you can stand, please tick the boxes you self define as, you can do this under 'profile'. You can then choose which position you would like to stand for and click on 'submit nomination'.

Deadline: Friday 27th September, 4pm

Nominate yourself here

2: Submit your photo and statement by email

Submit your 50 word statement

Your 50 word statement should explain why you are running in the election. You might want to consider including your motivation or key things you want to change and your election pledges. Students will be able to see this statement on the candidates page of the website as well as the printed candidate booklet before they vote. Please note that this is separate to your manifesto.

Submit a photo

Your photo must be a high resolution photo of yourself as a .jpeg. Do not take this straight from Facebook as it will not be of a good enough quality to be featured on our website or in printed materials. Please submit a photo with a plain background, and ensure the file size is at least 1MB in size. The Students’ Union will be running photoshoots for any candidates who would like a professional photo taken to use for the election and you can ask for this at the Students’ Union Reception during 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Deadline: Monday 30th September, 10am

Email us your photo and statement

3: Submit your manifesto and campaign video by email

Submit your manifesto

Your manifesto states what your policies and proposals are and how you would like to take the Students’ Union forward. Your manifesto must be submitted as a JPEG and cannot exceed one A4 page. Your manifesto can be in colour and have pictures. You should also submit a text version of your manifesto for accessibility purposes. Your manifesto will be made available online on the candidate pages and ballot pages for students to read.

Submit your campaign video

You have the opportunity to create a campaign video. If you want to submit a video here are some points to note:
- You must upload it to YouTube and send in the YouTube link by the deadline.
- The Students’ Union will put this on your candidate page on the Students’ Union website.

The link to your YouTube video needs to be emailed to us along with your manifesto. Please note this does not stop you from creating other videos past this point, these will just not be made available for viewing on the Students’ Union website.

Deadline: Friday 4th October, 4pm

Email us your manifesto and video