Student Trustees (x4)

The Student Trustees will sit as members of the Board of Trustees, which is the body that is ultimately responsible for the management, oversight and administration of the Students’ Union. The Board of Trustees is made up of 6 Officer Trustees, 6 Student Trustees and 6 External Trustees and normally meets 4 times a year. Student Trustees will be responsible of bringing their own experiences of the University and Students’ Union to the board. The Board of Trustees is also responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Students’ Union, whilst ensuring it is delivering its activities in line with its Articles of Association and within the law of the land.

Role Description

The Candidates

Vanessa Beale

My name is Vanessa Beale and I am a Second Year International Relations student in QMUL. I will use the experience I’ve gained from past roles and 2 years experience as a full-time student here in QMUL to keep up with the positive strategies and decisions the union has already

Ibrahim Razi

As Head of Events for QMBES, Business Development Intern and Ambassador for SBM, I have developed skills around leadership, communication and negotiation. As a Trustee I aim to ensure that the SU has a clear vision and direction and ensure SU governance is to the highest standard.

Kasim Ali

I pledge to be an enthusiastic, reliable and receptive trustee who will proactively seek to ensure the Student Union’s high standards are upheld. Most importantly, I will ensure students frustrations, ideas and general feedback are all considered and acted upon in delivering services for students.

Elizabeth Edmonds-Magee

I promise to familiarise myself with the regulations to which the board must be held accountable and act as a check on the power of its members on your behalf.

Clera Rodrigues

I believe in fostering and establishing a safe union for all students. The successful experience I gained — at MUN conferences and training workshops — assures me that I will effectively communicate the students’ needs to the Board. I pledge to uphold the responsibilities of a Trustee in accordance with the university.

Walia Ali

Hi there, my name is Walia and I’m running for the role of Student Trustee. If elected I will ensure to get your voices heard so that your views are better represented in the SU’s future decision making and will ensure to prioritise the student experience at QMUL.