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Supporting Faith

Interfaith Initiatives

In order to promote an atmosphere of mutual respect and celebration of diversity; your Union facilitates an Interfaith Group and actively promotes interfaith initiatives. 

Every year we hope to run activities that will demonstrate the shared theme of hospitality found in all our faith groups and their aspirations to learn about other faiths in an informal space.

Faith societies have previously been supported by the Lokahi Foundation, hosting an interfaith event called ‘Bridge the Gap’. They transformed the Blomeley Rooms into four quarters for learning about faith.  Have a look at the photos from the event here.

We believe through a better understanding of the different faiths across the student body we will be able to develop a stronger community that will be more understanding to the needs of the different faith groups.


Faith Campaigns

Your Union campaigns to improve the student experience and lives of students. Our campaigns are led by you, our members, so if you feel there is an issue we should be working on contact one of the Union’s Executive Officers. 


Right to Pray

The Union has been supporting the Islamic Society and Muslim students and staff to protest against the inadequate facilities available for Friday prayer. They are calling for the University to provide a suitable space for Muslim staff and students to be able to perform their congregational prayer.

Multi-faith Centre

The Multi-Faith Centre is located in the Students' Union Hub and provides a space for quiet reflection, contemplation and prayer for students and College staff.

The Centre, a provision of the College and managed by the Union, consists of two rooms, a lobby and ablution areas. Rooms have been assigned to particular faiths and faith groups at particular times. The timetable is decided in regular consultation sessions with the Union and varies according to the time of year. At all other times the rooms can be used by all Queen Mary students and staff.

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Local Faith Facilities and Faith in Tower Hamlets

Visit the Faith in Tower Hamlets website for more information.

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University Faith Services

We are lucky to have a truly multi-cultural student population. We encourage religious tolerance, understanding and co-operation and every effort is made to meet your needs whatever your faith.

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