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Enjoy dancing or want to start? Come along to weekly dance sessions led by QM Dance and learn choreographed dances with a contemporary focus. All abilities are welcome and participants can join at any time.


Tuesday: 6-7pm


Qmotion Sport and Fitness Centre
15 Godward Square
London, E1 4FZ

Dance Schedule

Style Date Description
Jazz 25 September - 13 October

We will be focusing on the musical theatre side of jazz with three workshop style sessions.

  • Week 1 - We will focus on a dance from La La Land. This is a very typical musical style so expect lots of pirouettes, kicks and jazz hands! The aim of this is to get down to the routes of jazz technique and ensure the basics are secure.
  • Week 2 - We will be learning a routine from Chicago. This famously sexy musical theatre number will help to bring out the performer in you whilst also focusing on your line extension
  • Week 3 - We will be learning a routine from Legally Blonde the musical. This will combine both of the previous classes into one, in a dance which requires clean technique and heaps of performance and sass!
Contemporary 16 October - 3 November

We will be focusing on learning the basic techniques and practitioners in contemporary dance.

  • Week 1 – We will learn the style of release technique, which focuses on breathing and the use of gravity, through learning choreography.
  • Week 2 - We will focus on learning the style of Martha Graham, involving the use of the breath cycle, and movement between contraction and release.
  • Week 3 - We will combine and rehearse both techniques through learning a choreography, that includes both styles of modern dance.
Hip Hop 6 November - 24 November

We will be exploring different styles within hip hop and learning the key skills required to perform any style.

  • Week 1 – learning an old school hip hop choreography focusing on performance.
  • Week 2 – learning a lyrical hip hop routine, focusing on fluidity and emotion.
  • Week 3 – learning a choreography with heavy emphasis on isolation and small body movements, focusing on execution and precision.
Ballet 27 November - 15 December

We will be focusing on the basic techniques and foundations within ballet.

  • Week 1 – Barre and centre work.
  • Week 2 – Barre, centre, and corner work.
  • Week 3 – A round up of the techniques and styles that we have learnt.

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