Wilderness & Extreme Medicine Society


What is wilderness and extreme medicine? It is a sector of medicine that is not widely spoken about nor is it mentioned in our medical curriculum. It is a sector of medicine that is unique and allows individuals to combine their love of travel and the outdoors with medicine.

It focuses on the delivery of medicine in extreme and remote environments where healthcare is not easily accessible and explores the problems faced when working in hostile environments, ranging from disaster zones and humanitarian crises to space, high altitude and more. 

We aim to to open the world of wilderness medicine and remote care to Barts Students through:

  • Providing seminars and talks by professionals in the field 
  • Increasing accessibility to training
  • Providing networking opportunities 
  • Going on weekend retreats 

Meet our committee members! 

  • Co-Presidents (and co-founders): Karl Martin and Asmaa Hafez
  • Vice President (co-founder): Anurag Rebelly 
  • Treasurer: Benedict Nowak
  • Event Coordinators: Saima Syed and David Souter
  • Secretary: Sarah Choudhry
  • Publicity Officer: Nazmina Begum
  • First Year Rep: Kim Younghoon 

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