Women in Finance and Economics



Our Mission

A dedicated society committed to inspiring and aiding women in their pursuit of careers within the finance industry.
Our goal is to establish a platform where female students can come together, learn, and develop both personally and professionally. We are convinced that fostering a community of like-minded individuals can dismantle barriers and enhance opportunities for women in finance and economics.
Our society organises a range of events and activities, such as networking events, workshops, and presentations by guest speakers. At Women in Finance and Economics, we firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are crucial for the success of our members and the industry. We extend a warm welcome to all female-identifying students interested in finance and economics, irrespective of their background or level of experience.
Join us in our mission to empower and support women in the field of finance and economics!!

Meet the Committee

Co-Presidents: Aarya Deevs and Aisha Mohamed Albadalejos

Treasurer: Imaan Aamer

Events Manager: Hafsa Kamaly

Head of Communications/Welfare Officer: Janelle De Sagun

Head of Operations: Sarah Elisabeth Hazzouri

Head of Marketing: Karan Kaur Bassi

Head of Networking: Emma Chapeland


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QMUL WIFE 2024/25 elections

Elections for the 2024/25 society President(s) and Treasurer.

2 posts are up for election.

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