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Whether you're already certain of a career in surgery and are working towards building your portfolio, or are simply exploring your options and would like to learn more about this fulfilling career, BL Surgical Society is here to help! 

Foundation programmes have recently undergone significant changes in educational structure and content towards more primary and community-based specialties – a necessary shift that has also been adopted by medical schools across the country. As a result, the BL Surgical Society committee believes it has become particularly important for surgical representatives at medical schools to ensure that alternative routes and opportunities are available to students considering a career in surgery, as well as others looking to prepare for foundation years and develop key procedural skills necessary across all disciplines.

Throughout the year, BL Surgical Society will be running a range of surgical skills workshops, journal club sessions to promote surgical research, mentorship schemes for a more personalised surgical experience, careers oriented talks by guest surgeons, and more!

Membership Purchase Options 

  • Barts/ QM students: Surgical Society Standard Membership
  • Alumni, Staff, students from other UK higher education institutuions: Surgical Society Associate Membership

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BL Surgical Society Committee 2022/23

  • Presidents: Anna Szukala and Aleksandra Lopuszko
  • Treasurer: Rajan Chand
  • Careers Lead: Daniella Reyes
  • Conference Lead: Lucy Hariss
  • Skills Lead: Natalia Hara
  • General Secretary: Vivian Paraskevi Papatzanaki
  • Academic and Anatomy Officer: Nick Fangxing Yin
  • Women in Surgery Rep: Zuzanna Sypula
  • Publicity Officers: Janice Tan Sue Wei and Kezen Jian
  • Clinical Rep: Ceclia Sevasti Pangiota Glynou
  • Pre-clinical Rep: Yi Lun Khaw
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