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Queen Mary Theatre Company offers many opportunities for all QMUL students interested in any aspect of theatre and performance. Get involved!


Queen Mary Theatre Company is a platform for students from any subject with an interest in the performing arts. Experiment and develop your creative skills in an encouraging and collaborative environment. Whether your interest lies in acting, directing, writing, costume & makeup, administration, production, tech, or simply being a spectator, QMTC offers an avenue for you to get involved, make new friends, develop your craft and, above all, have fun!

QMTC puts on upwards of 15 shows a year in a range of festivals that you can get involved in! In the summer we take four shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We also host regular socials, movie nights, and our monthly variety night Slappin' Da Bass where our members can sign up and perform whatever their heart desires.

Keep an eye out on our social media for more updates!


Products guide

Standard membership: full access to all events, socials and auditions for the whole year

Semester 1 membership: access to events, socials and auditions for the first semester

Associate membership: available for non-QM students and alumni, full access to all events, socials and auditions for the whole year

Tech and Crew membership: like a full membership without access to auditions for on-stage roles. Tech and Crew-specific events to be organised with sufficient interest

Semester 1 Tech and Crew membership: like a semester 1 membership without access to auditions for on-stage roles. Tech and Crew-specific events to be organised with sufficient interest

Couch Donation: a donation to the company. Might be used to buy a sofa for the Pinter Studio, probably won't. Can be used to upgrade membership from Tech to Standard after emailing the treasurer at


Thursday 8th December 2022, 7:30pm

Friday 9th December 2022, 7:30pm

Saturday 10th December 2022, 2:30pm & 7:30pm



Members: £4.50

Non member QM student:, £7.50 (bring student ID)

Non QM students: £13.50

Ticket must be correct category for the person using it.

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Committee 2022-2023

Co-President: Sofia Genuise

Co-President: Tabby Morgan

Vice-President: Freya Johnson

Treasurer: Thomas Warriner

Secretary: Jasmine Shah

Welfare Officer: Nancy Lambert

Media Officer: Olly Bartlett

Promotions and Events Officer: Hollie-Jasmine Wills

Production Manager: Madara Thalduwa

Technical Manager: Andrea Zatvarnicka

No elections are currently running

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