Squash (BL)

Hello and welcome to BL Squash!

Every Wednesday afternoon our club meets in Old Street at Finsbury Leisure Centre for 2 hours to play some good old squash! The sessions run from 2pm to 4pm and have something to offer for every type of squash player:

  • There will be coaching available on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month for competitve/team players or for those who are interested in improving their game: our excellent coach has played Pro-Circuit Squash for 20 years and has years of coaching under his belt 
  • There are social sessions on the first and third Wednesday of every month which are more relaxed and for social squash games 
  • We run an Internal League with QM squash which members can sign up to on PlayPass (https://playpass.com/barts-and-the-london-squash-club) if you want to take part in a little friendly intra-university competition 
  • The league is a double elimination league and fixtures take place on Wednesday afternoons within the usual sessions  

If you are interested in competing within external leagues you can join one of our sqush teams! We have three competitive Men's squash teams (1st, 2nd and 3rd team) and a competitive BL-QM squash Woman's team. There are lots of opportunities to support and join these teams and play against other London Universities whilst representing Barts and the London Squash. 

We’re a really friendly bunch and really passionate about squash. If you’d like to give squash a go, try any one of our Wednesday sessions. We look forward to meeting you on the courts!

Taster Sessions

Date: TBC

Time: 2-4pm

The club has a back up supply of raquets for those new to the sport, however please bring a raquet with you if you own one. Teams will be selected based on performance. If you are selected, you should attend weekly team training and fitness. If you are chosen by your respective Captain, you will be included in competitive games. If you are not selected to play as part of a team or if you are not interested in competitive squash you can social squash with coaching alongside the vast majority of the club. We aim to include as many members as possible in competitive squash.

Club Sessions 

  • Day: Wednesday
  • Time: 2-4pm
  • Venue: Finsbury Leisure Center, Old Street (GLL)
  • Date of First Session: TBC
  • Other Information: We have rackets and balls available for those without their own.

Commitment levels required:

All teams: Matches, fitness and team training.

Rest of club: Social squash and social events.


First social – Fresher’s curry TBC

Weekly tables at BLSA; Christmas fancy dress tournament; Christmas Dinner; Finalist’s Dinner; Domestic and International tour.


LUSL, LUSL Cup, UH Cup and possibly the Birmingham: NAMS SQUASH tournament 2017 and Roehampton Club Squash University Cup 2017.

Competition times: Monday 19:00-22:00 Home and Away (London only)

QM Squash League Ladder

How to get involved

1. Join the Facebook group and get in contact with the club committee members.
2. Attend the taster session - your first session is free!
3. Purchase your subs - at the Hub (Mile End), BLSA reception (Whitechapel) or online.
4. Enjoy! Attend the training sessions and take part in matches.

Personal Fitness

QMSU offers a gym on the Mile End campus, Qmotion, as well as a sister-gym in Charterhouse Square, Fitness to Practice, both with competitive student membership rates. This is ideal for students who want to purchase a gym membership - which is separate from a Club Sport subs - to improve and maintain peak physical fitness.

With every gym membership, you get a free 60 minute one-to-one session with trained instructors which includes:

  • A personalised gym programme tailored to your own fitness goals;
  • A full demonstration of exercise and techniques, and guidance on resistance machines;
  • Information and advice on nutrition;
  • A 60 minute review session every 6-8 weeks to re-evaluate and re-customise a new programme to avoid plateaus.


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Contact details

President: Emma Elliott (07763756877 blsquashclub@gmail.com)

Vice President: Luke Riceman 


No elections are currently running


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