Squash at Queen Mary's provides the ideal go-between for those looking to compete, and those who just want a social environment, to make new friends and to try something new. The club has undergone a major rebranding over the summer and this coming year we're shaping up to be bigger and better. We have made our mark on the social scene, with a regular table at Hail Mary's and a widely anticipated launch party arranged by our dedicated social team. To top this off, there will be several alcohol and none-alcoholic events running throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled!

We have two main teams, one competing in the LUSL (london-based) league and the other in the BUCS (british universities) league with both in need of significant repleneshment within their ranks. Coaching for all team members will take place on alternate Sunday's with match-days taking place on Monday's and Wednesday's for LUSL and BUCS respectivley. If you're looking to play competitively, look no further, we are recruiting! 




Our taster-sessions have been divided into two parts. The preliminary mini-session will take place during fresher's week on campus at the main university squash court on Thursday 19.09.19 from 16:15 to 17:45.  The second "main taster" event and social welcome will then take place on Sunday of the same week (22.09.19). This will be at the club's main training ground at Finsbury Leisure Centre from 13:20 to 15:20. We will have access to several high quality glass-back courts and the club's favourite wetherspoons pub round the corner so if you want a true taste of our club ethos, this is the session to catch! Students of all abilities are welcome. This will then be followed by welcome drinks at Spoons. The focal point will be to get to know all of you and to welcome you to our squashy family. Membership must be purchased from the QMSU website by the second session. You can sign up at the Fresher’s Fair or drop us an email directly. From the 22nd onwards, sesssions will subsequently take place every Sunday at Finsbury Leisure. 


Students will be given the opportunity to sign up for trials either at the fresher's fair or at the Sunday taster-session. The first scheduled match for the BUCS team is due to take place on the  09.10.19. Coaching will commence the Sunday before this (6th). Trials for both BUCS and LUSL will therefore take place on 29.09.19 giving everyone plenty of time to settle in before hand. Any further questions can be answered by our captains whose details are listed below. 


Our launch party will take place at the infamous Hail Mary’s (25.09.19) where we have a regular table booked for the monthly event. It’ll be a great opportunity post-taster to ask more questions, get to know more of us and to celebrate another year of squash. Our co vice-presidents will be on-hand to answer any further questions about the itinerary. 

How do new members join?

1. Find us at our table at the fresher's fair 

2. Get your membership online or at the student desk 

3. Join us every Sunday, for squash, Spoons and plenty of additional social events that'll be happening throughout the year

Contact Details


President- Raheem Nabi  

Vice-President (intermediates)- Henry Thompson  

Vice-President (beginners)- Felicia Kaspar 

BUCS Team Captain- Christopher Lewis-Brown 

LUSL Team Captain- Martin Pearce 



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