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Queen Mary Theatre Company is a platform for students from any subject with an interest in the performing arts. Experiment and develop your creative skills in an encouraging and collaborative environment. Whether your interest lies in acting, directing, writing, costume & makeup, administration, production, tech, or simply being a spectator, QMTC offers an avenue for you to get involved, make new friends, develop your craft and, above all, have fun!


QMTC puts on upwards of 40 shows a year! Take a look at what you could be getting involved in during 2016/17…

24-Hour Festival
Due to its exceptional success last year, QMTC will be hosting its 24-Hour Festival once again. In early October, a limited number of people (first-come, first-served) will have the opportunity to devise and stage a short play within 24 hours. A great way to meet new people and make exciting theatre!

Themed Festival

Our first performance festival of the year is our themed festival. In the past our themes have included gender and location, so stay tuned to see what this year's is. Directors can pitch any play of their choosing - either published or their own work - as long as it works with the theme.

Pantomime Season
Our pantomime is the perfect end to our first semester and gets us in the good ol' festive mood. We put on one pantomime, which could either be based on a traditional fairytale, or something which plays on the genre of panto. Expect singing and dancing, and lots of laughter!

Shakespeare Festival
Collaborating with the brand new Shakespeare Society, we put on two Shakespeare plays for two nights each. These plays can either be Shakespeare's work, or a show influenced by the Bard. Along with the plays, we aim to put on other events - both performative and academic, over the course of a weekend.

New Writers' Festival
The title explains it all - write your play, pitch your play, stage your play! A great opportunity for any budding writers to see their own works come to life.

Anything Goes Festival
We pretend there's rules to this one, but there really isn't. Pitch anything you want! In the past these have included new writing, classics, comedy, and a play which hadn't been read until show night!

Spring Fling Charity Festival
Once term has finished, we put on one final festival for those who didn’t get a chance to put on a play during the rest of the year and all proceeds go to charity!

We take four shows up to the Fringe each year. This really is a special opportunity for anyone to get involved with.


Regular opportunities:

This is a weekly group. Not too much commitment for those who may be apprehensive to take part in our large festivals or simply for those interested in meeting new people, improving skills and having fun!

Slappin' Da Bass

A fast, furious and unbelievably fun monthly variety night that allows our members to sign up and perform whatever their heart desires. From singing to spoken word, stand-up comedy to performance art, come and show us your wonderful, weird, and wacky stuff! Slappin' Da Bass is for charity, so we ask our audience and performers to donate what they can on the night, and we'll be raising money for a charity (tbc) across the year. 

Tech Corner

A wonderful, monthly group ran by our technical manager, set out to help you hone your technical skills and learn some new things in a happy environment.


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President: Chris FIeld

Vice President: Clary Montero

Treasurer: Kyle James Murphy

Secretary: Daniella Harrison

Promotions Manager: Bea Olivier

Production Manager: Eloina Haines

Technical Director: James Dawson




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