More Information

For more information on the Multi-Faith rooms, please see below

User Group:

The Union is committed to on-going consultation with its membership and with users of the Multi-Faith Centre in order to best meet the needs of students and staff of faith and belief; this will be fulfilled through regular meetings, of which there will be at least one per semester. We will give users the chance to feedback on any problems associated with use of the rooms, recommendations on the use of the rooms and decided the suitability of the faith timetable. If you want to attend the user group please email

Protocol On Use:

To view our protocol on use please click here. Please note this will be next reviewed with the new society leader members of the multi-faith user group who are being elected in the summer term.

Friday Prayer

The Multi-Faith Centre does not have the capacity to host Friday prayer. We understand the importance of collective Friday prayer and will continue to work with you and the college to find a suitable place. However for now please refrain from praying in the corridor and landing.

If you have any questions please email