Free Gym Programme

Find out how you can get involved with our free gym programme or personal training programme!


To get the most out of your time at the gym you need to exercise in a way that is appropriate for your level of experience, relevant to your goals, and safe. We offer two services to our members to help ensure their training is safe and effective and give them the confidence to use the facility.


Gym programme – free every six weeks to all Qmotion members

Any members who want a basic programme they can follow independently can book a free one hour appointment with one of our Fitness Trainers every six weeks. During this session, the trainer will design you a basic routine specific to your goals, and will show you how to perform all of the exercises on your programme correctly. After six weeks you can book in to see the trainer again to have your programme updated.

To book a free gym programme session speak to one of the Qmotion Fitness Trainers when you are next in the gym, or call the instructor desk on 0207 882 8459.


Personal Training

We understand that many people lack the confidence, motivation, or knowledge to train effectively by themselves and will need a greater level of support than is provided through our free gym programme. For this reason we also offer a Personal Training service which involves working out with a Trainer on a weekly basis so that they can provide you with guidance, motivation, and support. Seeing a Personal Trainer regularly also allows them to adjust your programme more frequently, ensuring that you progress as fast as possible. They will also advise you on your nutrition and lifestyle.

For more information about Personal training At Qmotion click here.

Free Gym Programme
Personal Training
Individualised training programme Basic programme updated every six weeks Comprehensive programme updated as required
Nutrition advice No Yes
Posture analysis and movement screen No Yes
Fitness testing No Yes
Body composition assessment No Yes
Ongoing training support No Yes
Trainer Qualification Minimum level 2 Minimum Level 3