Start-Ups Society

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The Startups Society aims at creating a community of aspiring entrepenerus coming from any background, willing to share ideas, points of view and experiences.

Our current plans for upcoming events include:

  • seminars, to engage into discussions on topics and news about startups and businesses
  • lectures, to learn everything from the basic terminology used by entrepreneurs to how to market your creations
  • guest talks, to see how successful individuals got to launch and grow startups and learn from their experiences
  • competitions, to simulate what happens in the real world, from conceiving an idea to pitching it to investors


Structure of the Society

President: Hörcsik Zsolt Bence
Vice-President: Luca Pontone
Treasurer: Andrej Predojevic
Head Of Technology: Matteo Cassia
Head Of Communication: Ana Lukic


No elections are currently running