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Raise & Give covers all the Union’s charity fundraising activity. It’s all about raising money for good causes, whilst having fun. Our RAG groups are led by a student committee and engage hundreds of students a year through our events and activities.

RAG is also here to support societies, sports clubs and student groups run their own charity fundraising events. QMSU is a UK registered charity and is subject to legislation contained in the Charities Act, which our student groups also fall into. As part of this legislation UK registered charities are normally prevented from donating to other charities, however the good news is that Students’ Unions are exempt – but only if the charity fundraising goes through the RAG account. This page details our guide to everything we think you need to know. If you have a question email us on


Book a Bucket

Our RAG collections buckets and tins are available to any Union student group who want to run a fundraising event or activity. We have various sizes for you to choose from and all are available for 48 hour loan periods. Simply request a bucket by emailing, you will need to provide an image containing information on the charity you are fundraising for them to stick on your bucket.


  • Collection buckets will be sealed by our Reception team when you collect your bucket. They must not be opened at any time during the collection, and should remain sealed until you return the buckets and count the money in.
  • Collection buckets shouldn't be shaken whilst collecting.
  • Collection buckets should clearly display the relevant charity name and charity number at all times.
  • Charity money should never be banked into a personal bank account, it should all be banked through QMSU on behalf of your student group.


Library Square Stall Bookings

Having a stall in Library Square is a great way of raising funds for charity. Book your stall by emailing Please note on your booking form that your stall booking is for a charity event.


Online Fundraising

If you’re running an event or seeking sponsorship for a challenge you are undertaking make sure you make use of our online fundraising facility. Online fundraising is one of the best ways to raise funds for good causes. Friends, family and people from anywhere in the world can donate! We can help you set-up your page which can be personalised to your needs, and you can link to the page via social media.

We use the MyDonate online fundraising service and you can request a page here or come in and visit us in the Hub.


Raffles & Lotteries

Raffles are regulated by the Gambling Commission as they count as a form of lottery. While you normally need a licence to run a lottery some are exempt as detailed below;

  • None of the sums raised are to be used for private gain.
  • Tickets MUST only be sold during the event, on the premises where the event is held.
  • The draw MUST take place during the event.
  • Deductions from profits going to good causes should not exceed £100 in costs and £500 in prizes.

All societies and student groups do not need a licence to run raffles for their own members or as a one-off at a single event. For more information about Raffles & Lotteries contact us on



If you want to run a collection in a public location, or a RAG Raid as we like to call them you are required to have a permit. We are here to help you apply for a permit.

  • For Public Collections in London (Metropolitan Police):
  • For National Rail:
  • For Transport for London

Paying-In Fundraising Money

Charity fundraising money should be paid into the Student Groups RAG account, and never into your own personal bank account. You should bring the money you have raised straight to the Reception as soon as possible after your collection, event or activity.


Further Information

The Institute of Fundraising has lots more information, resources and videos available which you may find useful. Visit their website here.

Our RAG team are also available on if you have any questions on how to get started with your fundraising or if you have a great event idea.


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